Official Xperia™ Ear video at MWC 2016. Discover a new way of communicating from Sony

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Introducing the official preview video for Xperia™ Ear – Next generation wireless ear-piece from Sony that lets you listen to weather alerts, send and receive messages, check your schedule and more. All without picking up your phone.
Xperia™ Ear lets you carry on communicating while enjoying the world around you – reading out everything that’s important to you so you don’t miss a thing. But it also puts you in total control. Simply tell it to make a call or dictate a quick message – activating your phone with voice commands is easy.
With a super-comfortable ear-fit and a sleek, stylish look, you won’t think twice about wearing it all day. It even comes with a stylish case that doubles as a charger, so if you’re out and about and running low on battery, you can easily power it back up.

31 Comments on Official Xperia™ Ear video at MWC 2016. Discover a new way of communicating from Sony

  1. I love Sony.. but why do they have go for this euro look. they are Japanese they should embrace it. The fact that they are one of the only Japanese manufactures in the mobile industry shold be celebrated. I miss there old aesthetic and fun quirky cutting edge style.

    they have lost there way .

  2. Superb commercial. It's exactly the action Sony needed to take this spring. The composition, music, subtle references for possible usage and the overall atmosphere screams
    "benevolent AI! , you need thisI" (yeah, it's not really artificial intelligence)

  3. If you want to buy a cellular Sony read this first:

    Hello friends, if you are watching this video it is that they are interested in mobile sony xperia. 2 months ago I bought a mobile phone Sony Xperia c4, and 15 days shows a sony update, upgrade and restart after a few days my phone is blocked by the application My xperia Helper that is on my device by sony . Blocking it will not let me use it, and when I identify myself tells me that the application has stopped. So, my phone sony no longer serves. Talk to agents of Sony America, made calls, I did my best. And today is the day that Sony does not give me an answer. The technical services it can not be fixed. That is, to throw away $ 300. My recommendation for the experience I had is not to buy cellular Sony, help to provide you is terrible, really a shame, and if you do not believe me, look at google "My Xperia helper has stopped" and enter the forums that you you can tell them how bad customer service. If you go to buy a Sony phone, think several times.

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