Official HTC One (M8) Screen Repair & Disassemble

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38 Comments on Official HTC One (M8) Screen Repair & Disassemble

  1. Can you give recommendations on what to do when the phone can no longer read the sim card after replacing the screen? It looks like several others had this issue. :(

  2. hey man ur tutorial step by step and everything sounds good except a part of my screen is slightly dimmer than the rest in likd . white background. what could be the issue here?

  3. Good video, thanks for posting … however (and this isn't a criticism on the video itself, video is fine) if you're watching this and see that the video is 19 minutes long, do NOT expect the job to take perhaps 20 minutes. It won't. Allow at least double, or even triple that.


    Well it's because HTC glue everything to anything … they even glue glue to glue. There's a very happy glue mogul somewhere with an entire fleet of new yachts bought with the money he made from HTC purchasing ocean tankers full of glue to make a single phone.

    PS: Glue.

  4. just changed the charging port and the device works perfect and charges fine until i put it back into the frame….the lcd goes out when it snaps down …i unclip it and it works perfect again ??? ideas……everything is intact and perfect

  5. Thanks for this video, helped me a lot with replacing my broken screen. Video is well done, easy to follow and props on the 1080p to see all the small details needed to make sure wires are put in the correct spot and speakers placed right side up. Made this job simple 🙂 lol tooke me about 1.5 hrs from start to finish vs your guys 20 min haha

  6. I performed this repair yesterday and the video was very clear and helpful. Problems now are my power button doesn't depress like it should and the rear-facing camera doesn't work. I can get the phone to power on & off by pushing really hard on the power button with a coin or something hard. I took the phone out of the housing and made sure I had the power button properly oriented in the case and that the part identified in the video as the proximity sensor (which seems to also have the power button connection on it) was in place. I repeated this disassembly and reassembly twice, but no improvement. It just seems like there is no "springy-ness" to the power button. Like something is missing, but I'm sure all the parts are where they should be. The proximity sensor doesn't seem to have much if any adhesive on it, so even heating it up didn't make it stick down very well. Maybe I need to install some double sided tape under it?

    As far as the camera goes, I checked the connection on the bottom of the board as the video recommends and it was solid. The rear led light works and the front facing camera works fine.

    Any advice on either of these problems would be most appreciated!

  7. Thanks for the vid. I just replaced the screen and charger port in my M8. Before I put it back in the back housing, I tried plugging it up to the charger and pressing the power button to see if it works. The battery has been dead for about 2 weeks so I don't know if the battery needs charging for a while longer or something internal. The LED orange light stays on while plugged up and the phone doesn't come on when I press the power button. Please help.

  8. great guide, many thanks, however i have just replaced my screen and all good until i installed the sim. I keep getting a No SIM card message despite inserting a fully working and tested sim card (taken from another htc one m8 on same network). Any suggestions why i am getting this error after screen replacement?

  9. Hi Fixez, nice guide. But when you replace the speaker in the new frame how do make sure it doesn't make the buzzing noise as it vibrates in the housing. I think there is a rubber gasket in the original htc frame which isn't in the replacement is this correct?

  10. i replaced my screen as you did. but as i put the charger on it because my battery was stone dead. my charging light just flashes orange and the phone wont turn on. the sceen shows a battery charging symbol. any ideas?

  11. A few of the videos I watched showed popping the guts out with a plastic thingy. The hobby knife works a hell of a lot better. I just got finished replacing the USB/audio jack board and this video helped a LOT. Thanks!

  12. My HTC M8 screen shows no physical damage. The screen just keeps phantom pressing (severely at times)..doesn't respond to touch sometimes…& the top part of d screen used to get to the pull down menu doesn't work at all…these problems just started out of the blue…might this be a software issue or should i just replace the screen ?????


  13. These videos are unrealistic as they don't show you exactly how much glue/adhesive is actually inside this phone anyone trying to replace the screen is simply better off buying a new one as these phones are extremely complicated .. I know because I tried this morning

  14. Hi, is there a easy way of separating the touch screen digitiser from the LCD and then putting a new digitiser onto the previous LCD without any issues? Or is it easier to just buy a new LCD that's already fused with the digitiser?

  15. I have an m8 and I just adore this fone, out of all the smartphones ive had I rate this fone especially is my fav, my problem being is that ive accidentally dropped it and smashed the screen and so I need to replace it, I'm a computer technician by trade so I will be attempting the replacement myself but it will be my first attempt so watch this space ???? awesome guide by the way, very well presented and ill follow this ok I think ????

  16. question will having lose connectors behind the board where the camera is cause the power button not to work?? I replaced the screen and noticed it wasn't working then took it apart again and noticed one of the connectors behind the board was not connected. just wanna know if that would cause the lower button not to work before I put it back together.

  17. Hey. I dropped my HTC m8 the other day. The phone fell on its right side bezel and shattered the screen. everything works perfect, just the screen is shattered. However, there is a small 1/4 mm dent right above the SIM card slot, which is protruding into the screen where the phone is shattered the most. So I was wondering, do I just need a new LCD display or does the whole chaseè need to be replaced in order for the screen to fit properly again? Thanks in advance.

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