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Inspired by actual passports, the universal symbol of mobility, the size and form factor of BlackBerry Passport is portable enough to easily tuck into pockets and use wherever you go. Utilizing premium, robust materials such as Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 for the display and forged stainless steel for added strength, BlackBerry Passport will provide the durability business professionals require in a smartphone.

The large square screen is optimized for viewing and creating content, and will make everyday tasks like reading and writing emails, reviewing and editing documents, web browsing, and map navigation, more comfortable and effortless. The BlackBerry Passport includes the industry’s first touch-enabled keyboard with gestures that make typing, editing and navigating more efficient and accurate. BlackBerry’s physical QWERTY keyboards have always made it easier for users to create polished, professional communications with exceptional accuracy.

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  1. I would love to get this device but i have my doubts because it's almost 2016, also i use the cameras a lot, instagram, twitter and facebook as well. I need youtube too but i don't care the black bars either that it's not an android. Would you recommend this phone, guys?

  2. this was awesome device.. but mine broke down during an update.
    silver edition was awful so I sold it. all chipped and paintwork bad after just 3 weeks

    priv better be good. .. or it will be the last BB device I buy

  3. is it the actual width (wide not depth) of a passport? it looks like it would struggle to fit in my pocket while my travel passport fits in nice n cosy. unless american/canadian passports are wider than new zealand passports

  4. I like bb stuff and phone
    But one thing that I don't like is ur App Store
    I don't get enough apps to download. On bb
    Bb u must concentrate on apps
    It is very helpful to us

  5. As a future graphic designer, doing freelance work for multiple clients can be quite cumbersome on an iPhone. Over the years, I've had people contact me through Twitter, Facebook, and just regular email. The blackberry Hub is going to make working a lot more productive for me in the future. I can't wait to get my hands on this device!

  6. Deve ser um excelente aparelho. Tenho um Q10 e para mim os telefones da Blackberry são os melhores. Sem contar o OS que é muito fluido e intuitivo. Chega de Google, Windows phone ou iOS!

  7. This month am eligible for a new phone from Verizon.  I really wanted the Blackberry Passport but unfortunately Blackberry didn't make the Passport for CDMA phones.  So that leaves Verizon and Sprint customer with no way of getting the Passport unless we switch cell phone providers.  I stayed loyal to Blackberry from the Blackberry Tour to the Blackberry 9900 to the Blackberry Z10.  I feel the Blackberry Classic reminds me too much of the Blackberry 9900 but it's the only phone coming to Verizon.  I don't know if the new Blackberry Leap or the new Blackberry Slider will come to Verizon but I want wait to find out. Blackberry has lost another customer. 

  8. Such a gorgeous phone!  Some other manufacturers should learn about build quality and feel from Blackberry! I really wish Blackberry made the leap and integrated Android with a BlackBerry Skin on to their phones! And how about a slim pull-out blackberry keyboard? Utter awesomeness! Then probably Blackberry can come back into the game! 
    Wish that day would come!! :-)

  9. the difference between Blackberry and other brands is that if you are a blackberry user, then u value your life outside of technology cuz blackberry users do not get involved with junkie apps and games like android or ios users do,  blackberry provides you communication, security and technology that hasn't been dirtied with apps and games like android and ios have. Just look around your environment, you'll see that there are two types of people, ones that use their cellphones for gaming(temple run, angry birds or whatever) and the other ones who only use their cellphones when necessary (like calling, doing business, sending emails and stuff). I would like to see the second type of these people in my society since they only use their cellphones when necessary, they will contribute to my society much better then those who can't live without texting or posting their lives online every second and thus stay detached from society ( by society I mean a group of people who still keep their traditions and social values against  miley cyrus or bieber or  mcdonalds..)..

  10. I use a lot of Google will it work with the Google email account? Also, how long do I have to get a phone replaced if something on the phone or the phone is defective?
    Since your a small company what is the warranty on this device? 

  11. Guess you’re either a Blackberry or IPhone fan having both in our household I prefer the Blackberry for business, we buy for functionality not fashion statements. We purchased the Passport when it first hit the market a few months ago. Having been using the Z10, Blackberry Free BBM Video chat is a better viewed on the passport rather than the Z10.  Like most of our Blackberry fans in this forum I would rather wait for a new blackberry that has added features for my business purposes any day. Best tip is get out of those contracts buy it out right and get an all-inclusive month to month deal sim Use  your house insurance to cover your phone If you to do the math’s you save a lot more money in the long run and your phone will be paid for within the year !! You’re not locked into a contract and you can shop around for a great deal on a SIM.

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