Official BlackBerry Classic Unboxing Video

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Watch the first official BlackBerry Classic unboxing video from the Inside BlackBerry blog. The BlackBerry Classic is the smartphone you trust with power you couldn’t imagine.

30 Comments on Official BlackBerry Classic Unboxing Video

  1. I love blackberry phones, but the problem with their phones is efficiency and longevity. When I mean efficiency, say if I were to use a google map, it took me like 10 secs or more to even load up. And after loading up it took another minute to load up the map and for longevity issues, usually when you are on your 5th – 12 month usage, you will start to have lag issues within your phone. Its always so slow which made me consider it over an Iphone.

  2. I am this Classic user:

    Amazon App Store
    Select Multi Items
    Select Text
    Find Text In Browser


    "I love this device than my last 5s"

  3. trackpad is all this phone is about, i mean honestly you do not have to move your hand all over the screen to point something, if all phones had a trackpad at the bottom of the screen as an optional, i think i would use it more for the comfort of my hand and it would totally destroy the BB market.

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