Octopus Smartwatch on Kickstarter – Meet The Smartwatch For Kids!

Octopus Smartwatch on Kickstarter – Meet The Smartwatch For Kids!

Want to make your kids smarter in a kids’ way? Yes, recalling some childhood memories, we all loved to have a vivid watch on our wrist that used to show the time. But with the time being and the innovation of technology, finally a company stood out with their project on Kickstarter, that can let your kids have the fun you only imagined with your watch, “Octopus Smart Watch for Kids.” The first ever icon based watch (which is pretty understandable by a kid under 8-years old) will teach your kids about the time of Diner, School time, and be a proper scheduler assistant. Yes, you might think, finally, my busy time will be relaxed from now. The developer Joy made this comfortable for you and wants to let you control these notifications right from your smartphone!

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First of all, it’s a vivid color (Pink, Yellow, Blue and Graphite) watch. It shows the time and the icon of activities at the same time. Kids nowadays are smarter and they are smart enough to read the icon which is pretty easy to understand, it will make them more enjoyable if you want to call them to come over for dining or from the football field.


This works simultaneously with the vibration mechanism to notify the kids without avoiding the schedule. Well, Octopus watch helps to foster the responsibility and self-esteem of your kids, you know a smartwatch to stand alone from the other kids… yet, Octopus can also help the kids with special needs (AD/HD, ASD, Diabetes, Down Syndrome, or executive functioning issues, or they can use it as a task manager).



To be very precise, this smartwatch works in 3 adaptive modes to design the mechanism according to your kids’ childhood development. So, you don’t need to throw this watch after they will grow up.


This mode will push the kids to follow the task to accomplish according to the watch face icon. The icons are pretty easy to understand for an 8-year old.


This mode lets your kid understand the digital clock and the analog watch faces.


The Octopus watch is a perfect guideline for your kids if you are at home or totally busy with your work. A visible partner and the invisible assistant for the kids who want to establish self-esteem, and have a delightful experience at the same time (Thanks to the Water Resistant Feature). Octopus can change the habit of your kids according to your way of thinking. You can provide custom templates for a routine based strategy and it can easily be synced in watch memory and seamlessly sync on your smartphone. It’s fun.

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