Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 (Android 6.0): Unboxing & Review

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Tech Specs, Pricing & Availability Here: http://nvda.ly/WfnPv

The Nvidia Shield 8.0″ Tablet was just updated with Android 6.0 and packs some impressive gaming performance in a compact and affordable $199 tablet. Check it out in this quick review.

CPU: Nvidia Tegra K1 Quad-Core @ 2.2Ghz
GPU: ULP GeForce Kepler 192-Core GPU
Storage: 16GB + MicroSD @ 128GB
Display: 8.0-inch LCD IPS 1920×1200 @ 283ppi
Camera Main/Secondary: 5MP @ 1080p

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34 Comments on Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 (Android 6.0): Unboxing & Review

  1. nice video. how does this compare with lenovo tab2 a10 for $179 on amazon – for 16GB HDD, 2GB Ram and 9.6" screen size. I've owned the tablet for 4 months and it plays games like injustice GAU, MKX, Jurassic World without stutter or lag. thoughts?

  2. #DetroitBRORG Hello Mr. Michael Kukielka. I have been watching a lot of videos lately on Nvidia Shield Tablet K1. In my research about this tablet, I got to know that it has a huge battery issue, which comes with the Android 6.0 update. As I saw on some other videos on YouTube, the battery is drained like 1% per minute by a bug called MISCELLANEOUS BATTERY BUG. I am almost ready to purchase this tablet, and I am really worried about this issue. Can you please tell me, is this a serious issue which causes the tablet to have a terrible battery life?

  3. when I Vait on the nvidia site and the link to the tablet, it is written 'out of stock' under the tablet. So is it going to make new stock or if it does not do how I can buy it please

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