Nvidia Pascal Specs | Quantum Disaster w/BadSeedTech

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TGW .44 Killer – w/Guest Bad Seed Tech

0:00 – Personal News

10:38 – HTC Vive Review Vs Rift

18:20 – Pascal GP100 Announced – Indicator of what’s to come for the gaming market? GTC Pretty boring? NVLink to take over?

Inside Pascal: NVIDIA’s Newest Computing Platform

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34:20 – 980ti to cease production

40:47 – Division to Receive 1.1 Update

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Full Release Notes For Upcoming Update 1.1 Revealed

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44:20 – Open Beta DOOM Multiplayer coming April 15th

DOOM – Multiplayer Open Beta Begins On April 15th

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47:08 – Facebook to launch new live video discovery tab, Vessel Discussion
Facebook bets big on Live with new mobile video discovery tab

55:01 – What’s App with…

39 Comments on Nvidia Pascal Specs | Quantum Disaster w/BadSeedTech

  1. brian keeps saying the day and age we live in like its any diffrent from hundred years ago. bad people have been doing bad things since the beginning of man. an all seeing all knowing big brother wont change anything.

  2. Dude, governments murdered over 200 million of their OWN people in the 20th century, thats not including the wars, just demicide. Terrorists? Get that junk excuse outta here. If someone murdered ur brother would you just go the suspected neighborhood of the attacker and start shooting at people's houses and anyone who tried to stop you….well it looks just as absurd to the people in the middle east.

  3. I'd rather have whatsapp protect my metadata than enrypting the messages themselves. This way the FBI will still know who I talk to what I do in daily life except what i talk about, which is what i care least about

  4. so Nvidia is gonna have HBM2 after all, that's crazy I wonder if AMD is going to try to do the same because if they don't I think that would be a catastrophic move by them. Even though like 8 gigs of GDR5x would probably do them just fine for the next gen, it would give people a BIG reason to choose Nvidia over AMD and that's the last thing amd needs right now.

  5. I agree with Bryan, NoScript is shit… It breaks most of the sites I visit. I tried out Mozilla and went back to Chrome. I use Mozilla on my phone, because of Adblock though.

  6. Joker, your interpretation of GP100… it's just wrong. You're not reading good. GP100 in Tesla has 3540/3840 FP32 cores and 1792/1920 FP64 cores. Soooo, it's not FULL FLEDGED GP100. : /
    And gaming gp100 can vary in FP32 cores as they can do tricks with FP64 units; throw them, disable them, throw in FP32…

  7. What I heard about NV-Link, is that its presently only utilized by server motherboards ? So, my guess is that its cost is out of our range at present. Also, that Nvidia is sort of false advertising NV-Link on Geforce since we don't utilize it, to my knowledge, and that's its really something to only be advertised to the Non-Consumer Market. In my opinion, Nvidia, wants to brag about any development they created, whether its actually being used or not, to beat out AMD, and Intel, for Technology names/advances. It's Flashy whoo-Ha. :)

  8. Hey Joker, at 28 minutes, you were talking about your GPU only being 70-80% utilized. Isn't this because your CPU would need an upgrade ? Isn't your CPU bottlenecking your GPU ? Which CPU do you use ? And maybe CPU's are becoming the weak link in computer system's in general. Perhaps the CPU's are not available, or so much more expensive, that the GPU's just outperform the CPU, and Inter/Amd haven't released Consumer cards that parallel the GPU utilization ?

    What do you guys think 🙂 ?

  9. Techyescity is fucking retarded considering inscription…Hes using ignorant logic…
    Terrorists can communicate in games through ps4 or xbox… so you can't fucking trace them…
    God the more he talks the more im sick of him…
    There has always been teror, its just easier to see all of it these days with internet.

  10. my opinion from watching this , Joker , man you need to let the others talk more , listen to them and don't interrupt , and also its very disrespectful to be multi tasking , you are in a 3 way chat with the other guys , you should at least have the decency to give them your full attention and chat , send your messages to your mates later , it comes across to me as bad form and disrespectful !

  11. Bryan go fuck yourself with your encryption bans, you can turn all your data to fbi and let them stick a fucking chip in up your ass. but i dont want that and wont give up security. bruv wtf is wrong with you? you run a pc tech channel. Letting governments do what they want is political correctness. encrypting your information isnt. fuck you

  12. Rift has the best software? CCP just confirmed EVE Valkyrie on the Vive. Vive will get everything Oculus is going to get in one form or another. Minus the Oculus spyware

  13. whats this new trend of games looking like shit, play like shit and running like shit i swear these developers are single handedly ruining gaming, where are the good old days like crysis 3.

  14. Increased clock speeds means that Pascal is going to consume more power. Just ask AMD and Intel what happened when they kept boosting the clock even when implementing power saving features.

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