Now there’s a keyboard to protect your security and privacy

Now there’s a keyboard to protect your security and privacy

Whether you’re aware or not, there’s a high-security risk associated with your daily online activities. You don’t want your credit card information, bank account details to be leaked to others, and you’re trying your best to keep yourself safe from any data breach. Preevio just wants to make it easier for you. The company just launched a campaign at Kickstarter to crowdfund a keyboard that will protect you online. Named SilentKeys, this keyboard keeps control over your privacy and safeguards your computer from threats.

You must be thinking why keyboards. Well, it’s because Keyboard is a key target for the hackers to data theft. And SilentKeys intends to protect its users from threats offered up by the internet. It comes with a special button, pressing which you can activate its powerful security countermeasures, including the Satya Anonymous Browser (SAB) and a more intelligible Satya Desktop.

SAB is a safe anonymous browser that opens on your existing desktop and acts as a bubble, which is based on the Tor Network Browser and defends your OS from countless web threats, encrypts its own traffic and saves your anonymity.

Satya Desktop ignores your current OS and runs a specialized one from the keyboard itself to help protect you from the hackers. Despite accessing your system’s CPU, it uses the removable microSD to save your profile, documents folder, and other personal information. The microSD is locked using bank-grade encryption.

No malicious entity will be able to target the keyboard’s OS directly as Satya is read-only while in use. All traces of the session are completely wiped from your hardware every time you shut down a sign of Satya Desktop. It means, whenever you start, you get an entire fresh desktop.

SilentKeys comes with no lengthy installation process. Just plug it in and press the button to be protected. The company started the campaign with a target of €50,000 and has already crossed the goal. The project will run until July 5, 2016.


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