NoVA UX Oct’15: Sketch Double Feature- Designing and Prototyping with Sketch; Intro to Sympli

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Tips and Tricks for Designing and Prototyping with Sketch

Sketch App is one of the fastest and most versatile tools for design and prototyping. Sketch gives designers the power, flexibility, and speed to craft beautiful UIs for web, iOS, Android, and more. We will share tips, tricks, and plugins for design workflow optimization, and there will be lucky winners of sweet design prizes. The Sketch App Sources team looks forward to meeting fellow creatives and talking about wireframing, UI prototyping, and UX.

About Galya and Todor

Galya and Todor Iliev are an entrepreneurial couple from the DC area. Galya recently joined the Sketch App team, where she focuses on community efforts. Together they run, the largest curated collection of free Sketch resources.

Introduction to Sympli

Sympli is a collaboration tool for mobile designers and developers that eliminates typical back-and-forth communication between designers and developers throughout the app development…

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