Note 5 Vs Iphone 6 Speed Test!

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We get some rather surprising results in this particular speed test. The Note 5 is a spec power house. I was kind of disappointed with the Note 5. What are your thoughts?

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41 Comments on Note 5 Vs Iphone 6 Speed Test!

  1. Fucking Apple fanboys in the comments gettin all cray cray and dont realise that the iphone will get shit in a few years whereas the specs on the note 5 will keep it going for a long time……my 2 cents

  2. stop the hattin' i know this will be impossible but i wanna see samsung running iOS software, samsung having top hardware specs with apple's iOS then charge us $1500 each.

  3. The number of pixels rendered on iphone 6s are almost 4 times smaller than note 5, 1368x754p vs 2560x1440p. This makes a huge difference in RAM consumption as well as speed of loading and rendering UI.

  4. It is not about dual core or octa core, the CPU size used in iphone is very big and the dual cores of A9 consume same amount of power as octa cores of Exynos7420.
    To sum it up, the dual cores of A9 occupy the same die size on the chip as octa cores of Exynos7420.

  5. this is bullshit because the iPhone 6 ready lost to the note 4 and the nexus 6 last year. see "nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 vs note 4" so something is up here. also, a more valid comparison is the plus, since it would have to render more pixels. you know, since the note is rendering 4x as many pixels as the 6 plus.

  6. I love my iPhone 6, but I can't really speak for Galaxy because I've never owned one. But by what I can tell they're both great phones so why the hell is there even a competition? I'm never going to do what that guy just did in his video.

  7. angry birds wasn't loaded all the way. iPhones do that, if he would've waited for it to reload it would have taken longer, not only that but angry birds was optimized specifically for the iPhone

  8. Here is a tip….don't reopen your apps on the Note 5!!!!! All you need to do is tap the left button beside the home button (formally the menu button) and select the app that you opened previously. All Android phones reopen apps if you relaunch them from the app shortcuts. Iphones only have the home button and that is why the ios is designed to not reopen running apps by reselecting the app shortcut.

  9. Ram management aside, the Note 5 blows the iPhone out of the park. You have to have around 6+ apps open at once before it starts to kill off background running apps. They both open apps relatively at the same speed here. The ONLY time the iPhone seemed faster was when the Note 5 had to reload the Angry Birds game, and that was only because the iPhone already had it still loaded. Keep in mind this is with the Note 5's superior resolution/display and camera, which takes more horsepower to run than what is on the iPhone, yet it still keeps up. Now honestly I haven't touched an iPhone in a LONG time, but last time I remember the iPhone didn't allow apps to run in the background, as it simply "paused/froze" them until you brought them back to the screen. Even if this is no longer true, the Note 5 not only let's apps continue working in the background, but now you can split the screen in half, running one app in each half of the screen, both running at the same time, and you can STILL bring up a small selection of "floating/pop-up" apps AT THE SAME TIME, like a calculator for instance. That's 3 apps you can see and use on the screen at once with no major slowdowns. The iPhone as far as I know can't do anything like that.

    Comparing iPhones to flagship/high end Android phones is like comparing an old flip phone to an average smartphone. Yeah, sure the flip phone is quick to navigate, and boosts really long battery life, but hey it also barely does anything outside making a call. Typically the more things you can do on a phone, the more horsepower you need, and the harder it's going to tax the battery.

    Thankfully, the note 5 with it's compatible fastcharge 2.0 adapters charge in about half the amount of time it takes to charge the iPhone.

    I could go on and on about this, but based on this video I don't see the iPhone pulling ahead in speed at all. When apps are loading for the first time, they are pretty much neck-and-neck. Just keep in mind the Note 5 also does a lot more.

    And while nobody can say what Samsung's plans are, it's not impossible for them to release a software update to fix the RAM management issue, and the phone was released less than a month ago.

  10. This is stupid. The iPhone 6's screen resolution is very low compare to the Note 5's 2k screen. It's like comparing a last year PC running VGA screen with the latest PC pushing 4k screen. Call ourself root master but you don't even understand the basic.

  11. who will do this shit in real life? jumping around apps like this … i prefer saving battery rather keep apps running in background !
    btw there's way to killl this feature in note5 ..
    one more thing let iphone do real multitasking then talk about speed …

    sorry for the bad English ?

  12. Well this is like comparing apples to bricks.
    iPhones are running UNIX system, while samsung is running LINUX. Similar, but not the same!
    While iPhones has professionaly developed unix system that is very stable and also has Metal, Samsungs are running some custom system they has been modified by thousands of programmers before Google changed it into Android and then Samsung put it's own sh*t on.
    While iPhones are using ARC on all native applications, samsungs only have poor old garbage collection which uses more RAM and more CPU to handle memory. In addition to that iPhones can use GPU cores in some processing cases (Metal support) while samsung can only run things on CPU cores. And in more depth, iPhones are using a lot of compiler optimizations while samsungs are mostly running interpreted Java applications… And then people wonders how iPhones with 50% less RAM and CPU cores are faster than super-duper androids?
    Sorry, but Apple just invented better sh*t to put on their devices than google.

  13. Theres some problem about the video.
    When iOS minimizing an APP, it will make a screenshot of the APP, then when you open the APP again, you'll see the screenshot first, and try to continue the APP, if the APP was unable to continue or it's been killed because RAM releasing, it will restart.

    The video didn't show that Angry Bird is "Running" or just a screenshot, he just minimized it right away

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