Nook Color running Android 3.0 Honeycomb preview

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Update from 9/6/2013:
This is very old and I don’t recommend running this anymore. Cyanogenmod now has official support for the Nook Color that many people including me worked on.

Get the rom here:

Nook Color running Android 3.0 Honeycomb preview. Sorry for the crappy video quality, had to use my macbooks isight…

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  1. @TheGrandCapt Doesn't sound like you took their threat too seriously if you are talking about it with me… Besides, what does this have to do Honeycomb on a Nook Color?

  2. @SAMIRABDULAZIZ @SAMIRABDULAZIZ You may want to look at xda forums. Class 2 and 4 Sandisk microSD cards work the best for the nook color. Other brands don't have near the random write speed of Sandisk. 8 or 16GB work the best.

  3. Deeperblue,
    I have tried several times and I keep getting an error after i pick "Restore Virtual Image to Physical.." I am using a 8 GB class10 Micro SD. I unzipped the image file followed everything all I get are MLO, u-boot.bin, uImage, and uRamdisk. Also, can I still re-use the same SD Card? how can i reformat it?

  4. @daaborion The CPU speed isn't the issue here, it's the number of cores that counts. And I really doubt that an overclocked single core delivers the same performance than the 1GHz Dual Core CPU the Tab does.
    And sure a cam and mic aren't that important but I figured it must be a nice thing to sit on your couch and video chat with some people while watching TV and not having a way too heavy notebook or way too small smartphone on your knees.

  5. no webcam, no mic, shitty display and way too slow CPU… sure it's a cheap way to get an Android 3.0 tablet but imo I'd invest twice a get a decent Android 3.0 tablet like the xoom or the Galaxy tab 10.1

  6. Who ever did this first is a genius. They are selling root honeycomb on ebay. I won't buy it; it's $100 for 8g…toooo expensive.

    What is the cheapest way to root/install honeycomb?

  7. @SpontaneousSparrow: Honeycomb isn't really meant for smartphones. Maybe slates, like the Streak, but your run of the mill 3-4" screen just won't be enough realestate to take advantage of Honeycomb. The Nook is just about the right size being a 7 inch display.

  8. @mikehill33: Yes. Most of us are just installing Honeycomb on a bootable microSD card. To go back to the original Nook you just have to power it off, pop out the card, and power back on. That's it 🙂 There are some people now installing Honeycomb to the embedded eMMC memory, though. The good thing is that it's almost impossible to completely brick a Nook.

  9. Thanks for all of your hard work in making this possible! I've played around with your stock honeycomb images and also some of the overclock kernels, and all in all it works great on the Nook. I'll be super pumped once Adobe Flash is working. So far I've found the Nook with HC to be an actually fairly reliable daily driver.

  10. Thanks for showing this in portrait view. All other videos are showing Landscape.

    What is the red outline when choosing certain things? Is it notifying you that you have selected something. Part of honeycomb?

    Id like to see another video with it customized to someones liking with widgets and apps you are using. I dont have a Nook Color yet, but very interesting in buying one.

  11. @mikehill33 Yes because it Runs off the MicroSD and doesn't Touch the NC's internal Memory. If you want to use Stock Nook, just Turn off your NC, Remove Card, Boot NC, and wala. You are back to B&N's fenced garden.

  12. Just Flashed this to my 4gb Card this morning and it is awesome. Multi-Tasking is a bit Buggy so if you run to Many Programs it Crash Boots but that's not that Big of a Problem. He now got Sound working so you can watch Youtube Videos from the Site or App and Most things are working. The only things missing are:

    -Superuser/SU doesn't work so no Root Apps
    -Flash doesn't support 3.0 yet
    -New Honeycomb Gapps aren't available yet (bummer), except for the Leaked Music App of course.


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