Nokia Lumia 800 Tips and Tricks: Bing Search App is Amazing

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Here’s a demo of the Bing Search app built into Windows Phone in the Nokia Lumia 800. The app is amazing, letting you do musical search, visual search, and voice search. Here’s a quick demo on the Lumia 800

36 Comments on Nokia Lumia 800 Tips and Tricks: Bing Search App is Amazing

  1. what might be wrong with my lumia 800 cause if i use the bing search i only have the eye-icon, so the musical search and voice search icons are not there at all? thank you so much if you know what's wrong, i've checked my settings many times put i couldn't figure out what's wrong 🙂

  2. now is this is cool :)) i didnt know this thank s for doing this, maybe the other reviewers are only fans of apple and android cause they dont include these features in their so-called IN DEPTH REVIEW xD

  3. that's normal 🙂 its like siri it can only work with the wifi on 🙂 imagine how can your phone do such things without the net? i just hoped the voice thingy can search things stored in the phone 🙂

  4. hi, my voice search in bing does not work. it jst goes on 'thinking'. it works only if im connected to a wifi network. doesnt work on my regular 3G data. any ideas? (my 3G is working fine though)

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