No iPhone 7 Headphone Jack? New Rumors & New Features!

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iPhone 7 New Features and Rumors. Should Apple remove the 3.5mm Headphone Jack Port and just use the Lightning Connector for wired audio?

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The iPhone 7 will be Apple’s next-generation iPhone, likely scheduled for release in fall of 2016. In addition to the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, the iPhone 7 is rumored to be powered by 3GB of RAM and ship alongside a smaller 4-inch counterpart.

Stay tuned for all rumors pertaining to the iPhone 7 and future iPhone models!

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46 Comments on No iPhone 7 Headphone Jack? New Rumors & New Features!

  1. apples new buisness model spend a rediculous amount of money on our products then spend even more money on adapters and accesories to get the ports you actually need back again like that macbook air that has only one socket for power and has a bajillion adapters for everything else

  2. So you can no longer grab any old headphones to use your crapple device, you have to buy crappels 200 ish $ special pair…
    Jesus, how fucking stupid do you have to be to buy this overpriced shit??

  3. bluetooth headphones are not for audiophiles. if they remove this jack im going to samsung. i just paid 300 for my bose qc20i. apple can F off if they take the jack out or screw up the wired audio option

  4. This is a really stupid idea with Apple obsessed with making iPhone thinner they'll stick with terrible battery life meaning they're still forcing some to carry a power pack but obviously you can't use a power pack and headphones at the same time through only 1 port.

  5. This idea is F*#KED !!!! How are you going to charge and listen to music at the same time ? How would you connect via Aux Cord and again Charge your device. That's beside the point – what about the cost ? The Battery life adaptor/connectors drain . Will it come with "Bluetooth/Lightening Cable EarPods ? Will it come with the adaptor/connector also be supplied ? Or would we have to fork out even more money after buying into the "iDeviceDream" . 256gb? Once the built in hdd is full it will begin to lag just like every other machinery that gets congested .. What's the point ????? APPLE SHOULD MAKE SOME GLASSES INSTEAD ????

  6. I don't really care at all I think it's the future and every technologies that they've build kinda blend in with the new generation it actually makes more sense to not have a cord running down all the way to your pocket it can be super annoying sometimes ??️

  7. I almost always use the headphone jack. Apple really needs to not remove this or I believe that they will lose a large percentage of their user base. This is just Apple wanting to charge you to use your normal headphones.

  8. The iPod Touch would be a great Phone. Only 88g, very small, 6mm thin, Apple SIM instead of an real SIM Card… But these days everything becomes bigger and bigger :-(

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