No App Drawer for Android N?

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Rumor has it Google is doing away with the app drawer. Here are our thoughts.

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37 Comments on No App Drawer for Android N?

  1. Its ok for easy navigation but some people prefer app drawer because sometimes when you installed a lot of apps the home screen looks messy. So i agree on adding a toggle option so that people can choose on what they want

  2. I like the app drawer for apps that I don't wanna see but don't wanna get rid of like google keyboard. I don't want to see a million apps that I don't use when they can be tucked away out of sight

  3. I hope Android does not do something stupid and remove the app drawer. That is the thing that separates Android from apple. I will simply not update or get an I phone. Better yet go back to the old slide/flip phone.

  4. Easiest option have the option to turn it off or on but have it off by default? I always liked the app drawer keeps most clutter hidden! Half the reason i want the switch back to android is the app drawer sick of iOS having to folder EVERYTHING to tidy up my home screens -_-

  5. the app drawer is one of the reasons why I switched from IOS to android.
    that way you don't have to put the standard apps that you don't use one your home screen.
    androids gives a much bigger liberty then apple IOS. please keep it that way. or should people start experimenting with other operating systems?
    Ubuntu for phone or fox os?

  6. its so ridiculous.. app drawer is the most recognizable and useful option of Android and they are going to eliminate it ? why i don't use iphone if i want to use its UI??
    Really bad decision Android ?

  7. As soon as Android takes away the app drawer I'm going to buy iPhones. Android dies for me at the point, they remove the app drawer. The only company who does it right with the no app drawer on Android is Huawei. I had one and I didn't complain, but I will complain on stock Android with no app drawer. That thing is, what makes Android.

  8. are you kidding me? no appdrawer is the worst fucking idea anyone has ever had, and that includes things like world wars 1, 2 and potentially 3. do NOT! get rid of the appdrawer, you morons. don't touch it. don't even point at it! seriously… how retarded is that? I can't even begin to imagine how anybody in their right mind would think it's a good idea to take one of the single worst features of iOS (or rather, lack thereof), and bring that to android. big no no! BIG fucking no no!

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