Nick Cannon on tech, the future, and his Blackberry Passport — CES 2015

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Nick Cannon is the Entertainment Matters Ambassador at CES 2015. And he loves tech. We got to interview him in the Verge Lounge on the show floor, and asked where he thinks the industry is heading.

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46 Comments on Nick Cannon on tech, the future, and his Blackberry Passport — CES 2015

  1. Isn't the point of technology always to enhance the user's personal experience and to make the owner's life easier? Wtf is he talking about, that's that sort of corporate speak that sounds good at first, but when you think about it for a second it falls apart…

  2. Pretty sure if it was a white person wearing Sunglasses no one would mind. for example Slash. I've never seen any complaints about him wearing sunglasses during his interviews.

  3. BlackBerry is still the device if you want to get serious things done as Nick Cannon rightfully said. And it has all the other social media and game stuff too. And with the Android run time you get access to Amazon and Google Play via snap.

    the BlackBerry Passport is the only innovative device for 2014 and currently the best device in the world. I now also use the BlackBerry Passport too. 

  4. Damn boy that nigga in the glasses is damn near black as FUCK. Shit I had to turn the brightness all the way up on my phone to see this dark mad scientist lookin ass nigga. Damn man they wasn't lying when they said the note 4 display makes blacks really black. Shit is crazy. Looking like a young Fredrick Douglas God knows. Please lord forgive me for having to roast this man but he looking like Jynx with glasses. Someone please unlock this character I'm tired of seeing this black outline on my screen. This nigga make nick cannon look my complexion. I saw this video and was freaked tf out when all I saw was glasses floating on the screen. 

  5. Mariah is the worst bitch anyone could think of because she messed with EMINEM! I am 200% sure Eminem spoke the truth and Mariah lied LOL. And Mariah just tried to mess with one of the most successful 'musicians' of all time

  6. This interview was horrible, the questions were so random and rarely tied back to anything CES specially the blackberry he just uses one which he doesn't even know the name of. Cmon verge I expected you guys to be more prepared.

  7. "Entertainment Matters Ambassador" basically the same PR crap as Lady Gaga with Polaroid, Nicole Scherzinger with Samsung, Alicia Keys with Blackberry and Robert Downey Jr. With HTC, none of which lasted. 

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