Nexus 6P vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge compared Which is better?

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Google Nexus 6P smartphone compared which is a better android smartphone for you I compare 10 difference aspects including camera performance with samples so that you judge which is a better for you.

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47 Comments on Nexus 6P vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge compared Which is better?

  1. So I went back to iPhone after having the s7 edge for 6 hours due to over heating and lag. I would of gone nexus 6p but if Ima have a plain phone Ima have the best plain phone. iPhone.

  2. Hello Ranjit sir… I am planning to buy a new smartphone & I want to choose between s7 edge & nexus 6p…. Many people tell me that Samsung phones get slow down after 6-8 months and some of them also tell that nexus 6p is very old nowadays… So which one to choose… Sir please tell me

  3. @geekyranjit , i m in a total confusion regarding upgrading from Moto X(1st gen) to my next phone. I love Motorola apps like touchless control, active display, actions etc on Moto X style(32gb) but i m reading lot of negative comments like heating issues , low battery life even with 3000mah battery. So , which one do u think is the best among Nexus 6p & Moto X style ??? I m kind of an advance user who tries out rooting & OS modifications. And what about iphone 6s plus(16gb) or galaxy s7, are they worthy of 50k to invest? I generally use my phone for lot of web browsing (including youtube viewing )& reading , so i want the best battery life , camera performance , and durable one. You have been helping alot of techy guys like me with detailed reviews , thanks alot & keep up the good work :)

  4. Hey ranjit awesome videos man..gettin confuse between s7 edge and nexus 6p..i see u have been using nexus 6p how the battery life i currently have ip6splus..(compare battery between those 2 how nexus 6p fair in battery section)

  5. i hav a question regarding the s7 edge…
    if i buy an s7 edge from saudi which is region locked and i unlock it there by using a saudi sim card
    then in india if i factory reset the phone….will it get regional locked again?…pls answer this question

  6. 6p is better in Ram management? I stopped the video right after it….Hahahaha….i have tested them myself n seen so many videos of the comparison on youtube. S7 edge kills 6p in everything. I think u hav got a faulty set….else ur just assuming things….

  7. you broke S7 edge glass and its a 50,000+ rs device then what's the point buying this if it can't stand a normal fall and why Indians are not getting snapdragon 820 version?

  8. Interms of practicality, Both the phone are excellent. but uncomparable, bcoz of price n even lot more things which are far upgraded to nexus 6p on s7 egde. clear winner n top most excellence Is un doubtedly S7 Edge 🙂 in max all aspects what we need in Premium phones now a days

  9. Hi Ranjit, I am looking for a phone with an excellent camera and a smooth working fingerprint sensor. Please help me choose a smartphone. It would be great if Gorilla Glass or something similar is also present in the phone.

  10. Hello Ranjit,
    I am really confused between the LG Nexus 5X or the OnePlus Two.
    Please suggest which one shud i buy?
    As far as i know the OP2 has much better features then the 5X. Can you please make a comparison video between these 2 devices. That wud be of great help. Thanks.

  11. hello Ranjith… in my Nexus 6p media server is eating lot of charge.
    .it's literally juicing dry my battery charge… and phone also becoming warm during this… please tell me some solution for this issue… thank u…

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