Nexus 6P VS iPhone 6s SPEED TEST!

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In this video we match the Nexus 6P against the iPhone 6s. Can the 6P be the first Android phone to beat the iPhone in this style of test?!

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28 Comments on Nexus 6P VS iPhone 6s SPEED TEST!

  1. hello, great test overall but just a suggestion : for lap 2, multitasking test, would you mind to swipe apps like Facebook, Twitter, u tube etc while press on the continue button for game to test whether both 6p and iPhone are responding to the touch as multitasking in iPhone is slightly different than android, it opens the app as fast as possible first then tries to load the cached memory as fast as possible. In short it does not response to touches at the moment it opens back the app, cheers :D

  2. If nothing improves on the future release of the iPhone 7. The nexus phones will slowly takeover. As an apple fan I must say I like stock android and the camera quality is stepping up too. Watch out Apple.

  3. Wow, great test… Finally, Nexus beat Iphone's ass… No one should talk about less RAM and fewer cores in Iphone.. They must see the price tag first.

    (read all comments and replies, it's a Good Reads)

  4. Honestly normal applications are not so intensive therefore you won't see much of a differences. It is all those games that brings out the differences.

    If you set up a speed test with all games, the Nexus 6P is gonna lose badly. Exynos chipset and Apple's chipset will excel better. Both have way faster storage speed than most other devices and better CPU performance (Well according to Geekbench). However, Samsung fk up the ram so it will be terrible on the second round. But if Samsung were to fix that shit and just give us AOSP, their phones will really fly.

  5. In terms of optimization in Android, ok ok, it's way better than what it was at the beginning, but iOS has been optimized so much (because an iPhone is made by Apple as well as iOS and they work on specifically made and same hardware for every iPhone in the same model) Android can't stand a chance in terms of optimized code

  6. not a apple fanboy here but personally by judging the way or the speed of your fingers, you seem to move and press more quickly in the nexus part. it was clear that the iphone was the first finish but you pressed the stopwatch a little bit slower. 🙂 just sharing so the community will know

  7. You stupid twat. No matter how many times sites like Anandtech break down cpu architecture and SoCs, you stupid fucks keep on with this android devices have better SoC bullshit.

    Either you're willfully ignorant or just a stupid fucking asshat purposely misleading even dumber shit stains than yourself.

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