Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus

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The Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6S Plus go head to head. See how the purest of Android stacks up against the iOS giant.

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42 Comments on Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus

  1. I watched this same video on Apple everything and it was so much more bias like when the 6p had something over the the 6s he totally under played it but praised the iPhone at every chance he got even going as far as calling the Nexus 6p a budget phone

  2. Actually iPhone 6S is significantly faster than Nexus 6P ! And he's saying powerful android phones lol … This iPhone REMAINS the fastest iPhone even compared to 2016 handsets

  3. Just switched from iphone 6 plus to Nexus 6p and so far im really liking nexus 6p. The phone looks and feels great. I did notice that the phone does heat up more often then my iphone use too, but its not that bad. In the end the display for nexus 6p is amazing, wathing youtube and twich on the phone is a amazing exp.

  4. Does any one know when the next nexus is coming out because I want to know if I should wait for the next one or get the 6p tired of iOS and the crap battery life btw using a iPhone 5s

  5. I was watching my cousin trying to use the iPhone 6S Plus' fingerprint mechanic but he could not access his phone so 3 out of 10 times he would use the backup password

  6. Great video, but I am feeling a little bit of bias, as expected from android authority. Maybe its just my imagination. or personal bias inflating my assumed bias?.. im an android user and developer but cant knock apples products they are very nice and usually more reliable (in my experience) than samsung and HTC. LG has been great so far with the G4(except for battery life) only true qualm is the verizon lock on root :(.
    hoping to try the 6p soon. have only heard good things from my fellow users.

  7. I'm leaning towards android over ios however one thing has bugged me since I had android. Group texting with other iOS users is a little wonky. If I send out a text on my android in a group, it will be sent out as individual texts to each user and not as a group.

  8. A common mistake, the A9 chip in the iphone 6S is better than the snapdragon 810 so it's the other way around the nexus 6p is more about optimization and the iphone 6s is more about raw power.

  9. Apple is WAY too overpriced for what it's offering, I like iPhones but that price is ridiculous. No phone is worth 600-900 dollars at all. The only reason the iPhone is so popular is because it's really pretty and smooth, but it keeps the same skin almost every year and they never do anything else to the phone but add a new feature that no one uses. iPhones are boring, unoriginal, and are more overhyped than watch dogs. 6p isn't off the hook either, it is a great phone but the durability is complete trash, if you do buy this phone a case is needed.

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