Nexus 6P vs BlackBerry Priv: The Great Debate!

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If you’re in the market for a new Android phone, our new video will help guide you through which device to buy between the Nexus 6P and BlackBerry Priv.

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43 Comments on Nexus 6P vs BlackBerry Priv: The Great Debate!

  1. I own the Blackberry Priv, as of today April 10th 2016 with every update it still gets hot as hell, basically unusable when it gets hot and uncomfortable, I'm talking about HTC Amaze hot also battery is not great at all and blackberry does not supply you with a fast charger you have to buy it on your own

  2. How is this a debate… Hands down the 6p is better! The PRIV really, really! The 6P is just the best android. If you even want to compare some Blackberry shit, compare it to something it's level, not the best android phone. 6p is just the best it just is

  3. How "bout this…LG V10 Mofo!
    808 SoC is proven and plenty fast. This SoC may be a year old but find someone who says its bad, good luck.
    Screen QHD LCD is accurate and frankly awesome but its a matterof taste.
    ESS Sabre DAC and amp stereo. This is huge and totally under rated and under reported. To write it off saying 32b source is scarce is plain ignorant. Who doesn't use their phone as their primary music player? I use it for music more than anything ,and the whole 32b thing is but one feature. This is a audio specific design that is noticably better than anything out there and competes with stand alone DAPs costing nearly as much.
    Camera- this has one of the best if not the best camera on the market with full DSLR like controls on both stills and video.
    4 Mb RAM combined with good management means that game will be ready to play after that email.
    Second screen. This is awesome as notifications don't interfere with the main screen plus I can easily dial up a friend without having to leave whatever I am doing. Its a very useful multitasker this phone is king of multi tasking.
    Thumb scan security is great.
    I actually like LGs skin. They have very usable features such as Q notes so I can jot down something using my finger and Q Slides is great for multitasking with windows taking advantage of that screen real estate.
    Smart features are limited but handy nonetheless.
    MilSpec drop rated! You can have that sweet glassed smartphone. I am not going to be forced to put mine in a fugly case making any superiority in feel moot.
    The feel is actually really nice with a very solid feel dspite the removable back(which I will get to) and the stainless rails are beautiful,tough and easy to hold. This thing is stout.
    LG is actually still listening to the fans rather than trying to be a fruit by keeping the ability to replace the battery as well as a theoretical memory expansion of up to 2TB! Thats a ton by home PC standards.

    I would never have bothered with replacing my HTC M7 if not for its shit camera and the fact that LG takes audio seriously. The DAC player was simply a must have, the rest is icing on the cake just a huge pile of it. I actually paid through the nose online because no carriers here carried it in Canada. There is ot a phone out there that comes close to what this provides.

  4. gotta go with the Priv. awesome build quality, and a keyboard. if you want a smartphone that stands out the Priv is the better phone. if you want another black brick of a smartphone go with the 6p, or v10, or any other bland competitor.

  5. I feel like I'd rather have the Blackberry based on my good luck with Blackberry build quality in the past, the look/feel, and I just don't really enjoy the Nexus devices I've used to date.

    I'm on AT&T so feel free to send me a free one! :)

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