Nexus 6P KILLS Galaxy S7 Edge in Camera Dynamic Range Test!

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This video will BLOW YOUR MIND, Nexus 6P KILLS Galaxy S7 Edge in camera dynamic range test!

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Also see low-light camera test between S7 Edge vs. HTC 10 vs. Nexus 6P here:

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48 Comments on Nexus 6P KILLS Galaxy S7 Edge in Camera Dynamic Range Test!

  1. I hope people actually knew this before watching this video. If you own an S7 and don't know that its image processing is bad, you've been living in a cave with a smartphone! How about the irony in that!

  2. The Nexus 6P has the best camera I've ever seen in a smartphone. I can comfortably take pictures in pretty bad lighting conditions without needing to turn on the flashlight! The large sensor pixel size really does make a difference to image quality in more ways than one.

  3. max, without fixing iso, the comparison doesn't make sense. the default camera app or camera fv5 may use different settings when facing the same scene on different sensors. I wonder if all iso shutter speed are the same, whether the results and prediction stay the same as your test. Also you need specify it is a Isocell or Sony IMX sensor in S7 edge, whether you changed Samsung to pro mode.

  4. I'm sick of everyone saying "what about the rest of the phone?" The S7 is a obviously a better phone overall, 2015 vs 2016? what did you expect? Now what's impressive about the 6P is that it's holds up extremely well to these 2016 flagships. It is still one of the smoothest devices out there, battery life is good (not the best), excellent display (not the best) and the Camera is capable of beating out 2016 flagships when handling with stills. In my honest opinion the 6P takes the best stills on the market, not saying it does 100% of the time but for the most part it does. Everyone knows that the video on this phone is its biggest fault.

    If the Nexus 6P, a 2015 device, can do this well then imagine how well the 2016 Nexus flagship will do. That's the big picture here.

  5. Google, after years of hearing, "Your camera suuucks!", came out with camera software and hardware so good that no one can catch up. Now, if only HTC could respond in the same manner.

  6. So often I see people saying the S7 has the best camera on the market. For fast focus and video recording, sure, but for point and shoot photography, the Nexus 6P is the clear winner.

    As is evident here, the S7 has a number of issues, i.e. blowing out highlights/shadows, and over sharpening. The S7 doesn't have a bad camera, but it's definitely overrated.

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