Nexus 6P Android N

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Update process for Android N on the Nexus 6P

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  1. "This version is an early preview for application development and is not intended for daily use." Take this seriously. I downloaded and installed the Android N and my Nexus 6P had some issues. Granted, it wasn't all that bad, but it was buggy enough that I just couldn't deal with it. Launching apps was very laggy. Apps crashed frequently. And the biggest problem I had was that I could not use the HotSpot on my phone to connect my tablet to the internet. I really need to be able to connect my Surface Pro 3 to the internet using my phone when on the go and Android N killed that ability. So, I had to un-enroll in the program and reset my phone back to Marshmallow. The problem was that the reset didn't work very well in that half-way through the reset, it crashed and half of my apps didn't download. I had to manually reinstall all my apps. Was not a good test for me, so I don't think I'll be doing it again until a more stable and updated version is available.

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