Nexus 6P Android N vs iPhone 6S iOS 9.3 – Speed Test (4K)

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An early speed test comparison between Google Nexus 6P Android N vs iOS 9.3 running on Apple iPhone 6S. Which is Faster?

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41 Comments on Nexus 6P Android N vs iPhone 6S iOS 9.3 – Speed Test (4K)

  1. Great video, i am your new subscriber. I want to know is it worth to buy nexus 6p? Does this phone have a heating issue? Should i buy iphone se or nexus 6p. Reply asap please. Thanks

  2. Айфон быстрее загрузился… Если бы автор додумался не учитывать время показа предупреждения о перепрошивке, то нексус был бы быстрее. Нексус быстрее везде, и это только первые беты

  3. This doesn't make sense. Nexus 6P has a 2K display 2560 x 1440 against the iphone 6s 1334 x 750. Almost twice of pixels to push. Anyone that know just a littler bit of computers knows that graphics is one of the most demanding shore that a processor has to endure. So please if you are going to do this comparison make it fair.

  4. Where the hell did you see web pages loading faster on nexus? All the pages that you loaded were not even fully loaded when you starting to tell: yeeah, nexus is faster.. Nexus faster again.. The next second the iphone loaded the full page and the nexus didn't, so i think you are obviously deforming reality

  5. Always Android, CuZz When I Buy's A Phone I Want IT To Be Mine Not 30% Mine And 70% crAppLe's. I Also dislike the review CuZ Beta VS Stable OS…REally?…

    This Test SeEms So ''Pre-Done'' to CrAppLes Advantage..

  6. I would love to tell u that Samsung learned and delivered, and I would suggest u to check the marshmallow update which they addressed the issue and fixed it…

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