Nexus 6P Android N DP3 vs iPhone 6S Plus – Which is Fastest?

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Speed, browsing and Multiasking test of New Android N developer preview 3 vs iPhone 6S Plus!

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39 Comments on Nexus 6P Android N DP3 vs iPhone 6S Plus – Which is Fastest?

  1. The slightly faster speed of the Iphone is completely insignificant. $650 bare minimum for an Iphone 6s and $500 for the google nexus 6P. I'd rather save the extra cash.

  2. This is really biased towards Iphone, you can clearly tell he prefers to use the Iphones even though he says he like google to win. For Instance when he opened Uber, they had different startups but the actual options came up at the same time. Also the phone/dialpad app also opened quicker on Nexus 6p. On some apps I admit that the Nexus loads slightly slower. And to say that "Is Google trying to copy Apple" WTF does that mean??? For Uber it was almost identical. Sorry, but this is a bad review.

  3. the reason iphone is faster is because it has the faster processor. much better single corw performance than the chip in the 6p. also the iphone is using hardware encryption while the 6p is using software encryption which slows it down abit. iphone has faster internal storage aswell amd the gpu has better fp16 performance which is more important than fp32 on both OSes. if 6p had same hardware as the iphone the nexus would be a fast if not faster than the iphone.

  4. iPhone always faster than android..even 2gb ram dual core…iPhone still can beat out android with 3/4gb ram quadcore or octa core…reality is iPhone alwaya faster..

  5. But…. How are you going to compare a stable OS to a Beta…..? Were you bored? Are you thick? Did you need to put out another video?? Completely set aside the fact that hardly any apps are actually optimized for N yet and that this preview is essentially showcased for the sake of novelty and familiarization. Your Wi-Fi is lit though.

  6. dude you can't judge the launch speed of apps that way. app animation is a big factor. apps are designed differently for both platforms with different appearance. test apps like browsers, dialer, message, youtube, etc which look and feel exactly the same. just cause the animation in the app finished early in the iphone version doesn't make the iphone better, its the app that has a shorter animation duration.

    bad review buddy, can't believe you tested play store launch speed versus app store two completely different app.

  7. These "speed tests" are so silly. I'm shocked people are still doing this.

    Apps aren't optimized for N yet and some of his apps were never even opened on his 6P — dude, these speed tests are a waste and are not representative of real world usage.

  8. I don't think that this is a fair review. Android N is not officially stable yet so IOS will perform better. Once android N comes out officially then try it again. I do believe that Android N will be slower since it has such lacking APIs and Apples dual core CPUs are almost as fast if not as fast as the latest 8 core Samsung CPUs.

  9. andriod is an open system try the same test with latest flagships its android way ahead in many things i love apple i have only used apple ill now but just shifted to samsung s7 edge its a dam hot phone

  10. Clearly most apps opened faster on the nexus! Its just you had the pages cached on the iPhone you can tell because nexus had to load the items first. What a shill video.

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