Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6S Plus – Speed Test

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Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6s Plus – Speed Test


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24 Comments on Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6S Plus – Speed Test

  1. Also second of all you have "run background apps" turned off which means when you multitask it closes a app which means you have to refresh it when u reopen it ! God your an idiot. Stupid test!!!!

  2. Yeah, you know what? Nexus is slower on boot because it has more cool stuff to load while the iPhone is so very fucking boooooring just like a piece of wood that you can use to hold a door open.

  3. Please remind me: what happens when phones have low battery? The processors behave differently. IOW: Please do the review with charged phones next time. And it would nice also if you had already locked into the chrome browser before checking what browser opens first. But the N6 still rocks! It'll be way superior to the Nexus 6p too…

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