Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Speed Test (4K)

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iPhone 6 Plus vs Google Nexus 6 – Speed Test!

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29 Comments on Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Speed Test (4K)

  1. nice music, had both these phones . both are great. Nexus 6 runs buttery smooth on pure android, where my 6 plus was laggy on iOS 9.3 . But 6 plus has better battery life tho

  2. Each operating system has its own optimizations for their proprietary device. Put an iPhone on a android OS and see how effective the speed test will differ. Notice in the multitasking the nexus handled it cleanly because of the added ram. If the nexus 6 was on iOS platform I'm pretty sure it would smoke the iPhone. 

  3. Also, you can really see how having more RAM is an advantage in the multitasking test.  I know iOS preforms well with less RAM but this video proves that more RAM would still be better.

  4. I think the iPhone won most of the tests because the apps in iOS are optimized for a few hardware platforms, whereas in Android there are a ton more devices.  Also with these apps do we know how they were coded?  Android has a lot more ways to produce apps, and I remember that when Facebook switched to native coding for Android a few years back it made a big difference in performance.

  5. Very bias test indeed. He was not consistent with screen tap at all. Browser test was not accurate, should have used the same browser or loaded pages in desktop mode on both. I also thought he gave the iPhone a few more wins when it looked different to me.

  6. The only person that I trust on this is +Chris Nacca. Lick so more apple´s as*. How do you expect me to believe in this video,when even the nexus 5 beats the iphone 6 and 6+ in comparisons like these..
    so for the nexus 6 it´s a piece of cake.

  7. nexus 6 taking little bit time to load the app and installing app as well because android lollipop runs on ART, and the old version of android like kitkat 4.4.4 which runs on DALVICK will open the apps quicker but  ART is the best it make the app running fluid, dont compare Android with IOS, always remember Android is reality and IOS  is flashing.  enjoy the tech.

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