Nexus 6 Review: Is it Still Worth it!? (7 months later)

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How does the Nexus 6 hold up 7 months later? With an update to Android 5.1, a lot of the original shortcomings seem to have been addressed.

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Nexus 6 Specs:

Display: AMOLED 5.96-inch, QHD (2560 x 1440), 493PPI
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 805
GPU: Adreno 420
Memory: 3GB
Storage: 32/64 GB
Camera: 13 MP, autofocus w/OIS and DUAL led flash
Sound: Stereo Speakers
Battery: 3220mAh (quick-charging & Wireless Qi)

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41 Comments on Nexus 6 Review: Is it Still Worth it!? (7 months later)

  1. if you like your phone at full brightness like me, I would consider getting the 6p or even the 5x. after only 4 months I experienced serious burn in issues with my Nexus 6, whereby I could see the navigation keys in any app I opened. I ended up getting the 6p and I haven't had the same issue. just a thought I case someone was considering it

  2. well, I may have been the last person to buy a Moto N6… hope I'm not the last to give it up though…I was always leery about the longevity of a Motorola anyway… went to the V10 last week as the N6 was really getting hot. this didn't lead to the back detaching but it did knock out the the cell data until it cooled down. T-Mobile doesn't offer the new Nexus line but I'm just happy to have an LG back in hand. chief complaint on the V10 is that it needs to be restarted maybe once a day with marshmallow.

  3. I have a Nexus 6 and a Nexus 6P (impulse buy)..the 6P is well, yeah..faster slightly..but I'm using my 6 again..this uni body Alloy is just cold and rather soulless, can't put my finger on it..Nexus 6 feels, dunno, like an old buddy..and the curved back just works for me..snug..and I haven't got big hands..think Google messed up going for high brand, instead of what us Nexus users want..a phone that hell, might not be the best..but it's ours, it's a and get's the job done..and isn't $800 or as here in the UK a 64GB iPhone 6S is nearly £900 sim Nexus 6 was £345 (64GB)..I'll spend the saving on a week in Majorca =) go figure….

  4. My first smart phone. I am a big guy with slightly above-average sized hands. I like it. It fits in my Honda Fit and the size of the display helps when using it as a navigation device. I am not a business user, so battery time has never been a problem. The screen is sharp and large enough to actually enjoy videos.

  5. At this point, I am trying to decide on what phone to get with one of my criteria being a large screen phone. I was at VZ store yesterday and saw the Nexus 6. Its size blew me away. Between that and LG V10 and possibly the Note 5 and LG G4. I like the Nexus but am a bit concerned about its age. I know the Nexus 6P is out but VZ does not carry it yet. And am not sure if I want to pay its price when it comes out. I currently have an S4 and I know I would welcome any larger screen.

    The phone is more for daily use and watching movies on the phone. I am not a gamer or a power user. Any thoughts on this that would help me decide would be appreciated.

  6. I'm a first-time android user, having been an iOS guy for the word go. But I do find the Nexus 6 to be a great introduction to the Android world, especially since its a pure google phone. Other things I found great about the Nexus 6 is the blackness of the screen, sharpening images and words, the ambience update, the sound, the responsiveness and generally the whole new experience for me. I'll be an iOS guy, but now I'm open to Android, thanks to the Nexus 6.

  7. This phone sounds very great for my use! but Should i go for this of Lg G3. i own a Lg g2 i want different software and witch phone is better for gaming? performance wise?

  8. Picked up a Nexus 6 as a Christmas present for myself during the holidays. After using the Moto X Pure for a few months prior, the Nexus 6 is my current daily driver. Both are very nice phones, though there are certainly some discernible differences. My biggest gripe, and why I will likely switch back to the X Pure, is with the ambient display on the Nexus 6. It's too erratic and unpredictable. Sometimes the display won't trigger at all when I pick up the phone. Moto display on the X Pure however, is rock solid consistent. Just a slight nudge of the phone, and Moto display does it's thing. It would be nice if ambient display could be made a little more reliable via a software update.

  9. it's definitely worth it. it will continue to receive updates way after the Note 5 gets its last update. my Nexus 7 received the latest version of Marshmallow already, amazing!

  10. I just bought one from amazon for $249 cloud white 3 days ago and will be delivered today. Can you tell me if this phone as WiFi tethering built in or will I have to root it and do some modifications myself? thank you and nice video!

  11. I'm pretty sure that I'm getting this phone for christmas. It's the first phone I'm getting from my mother and my step-dad. I've had two from my dad years ago, although they both have broken and the second was stolen and I later found it on the side of the road (cracked in half), but the nexus 6 doesn't seem bad for a "first" phone. I think there was a little miscommunication because I first thought that I was getting the nexus 6p which I was pretty hype about, but I realized today that when my stepdad mentioned it was motorola and it was about $100 cheaper than the nexus 6p I found, he was really talking about the nexus 6. I'm really grateful for it and I don't want to mention the misconception about which phone I meant because I don't want my parents to think I'm disappointed, but a nexus 6 is way better than nothing.

  12. ok ok – so the camera quality isn't that great as per the reviewer here?
    any user in the globe who can tel me if its worth a shot?
    i'm a HTC user and want to change my phone, not that i m sick of it, believe me HTC is one of the damn good phone in the market, the audio clarity and the pictures are amazing. but i just want to try a different brand now . Nexus somehow is getting my attention, as per the video review here, everything seems good except a few doubt regarding audio quality and picture quality of the camera. so any honest reviews from anyone?
    P.S – i do use camera a lot, its like i travel, and sometimes i forget to carry my DSLR and rely on my phone camera to click pictures, so you can get it that the camera needs to be good, not just for sharing and uploading but overall it needs to be good

  13. This looks like a very nice phone. I have to say though, I do like having a removable microSD card. I have dropped my phone in the water (I own a boat) and the phone was completely dead. My wife dropped her's in the toilet (I know…I know…smh…). She failed to back everything up and lost all her pictures and contacts. On the other hand, I simply removed the microSD card and put it in my new Note 4 and …. poof! No issues! I wish every phone allowed for memory expansion.

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