Nexus 5X VS Moto X Style – Which is Better?

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Since both of these are a similar price which should you buy?

Nexus 5X now available for cheaper on Amazon – US:

25 Comments on Nexus 5X VS Moto X Style – Which is Better?

  1. How is it possible that Nexus 5x is faster than Moto x style/pure but slower than 6p, but Moto is faster than 6p but slower than 5x. Fuck logic.

    But seriously tho, i can't decide which phone to buy, Moto X style or Nexus 5x?

  2. I dont agree when you say the Nexus offers a more fresh experience. I got Marshmallow on my X Style more than 10 days ago, same animations, same OS. But with those smart functions Motorola added to the stock version of Android. And Motorola is one of the fastest brands when it comes to updates.

  3. I think the Nexus "brand" will eventually die.

    Nexus has become more expensive and not on par with design+tech with competitors.

    LG has been aggressive in rolling out security updates at the moment. The LG G4 will receive Marshmallow soon and other OEMs are currently testing Marshmallow b4 they release it.

    It is only worth getting a nexus device if you intend on keeping a phone longer than 2 years. This will enjoy that you get the latest update.

    The LG G4 is cheaper in my country than the Nexus 5x.

  4. I think Google missed the point here , 2015 has shown us that we can have affordable android phones with great builds, top if the line specs and good displays. Google really missed all of those marks with the 5x.

  5. I have small hands but I love big screens. Lumia 1520 is a beast of a phone but not unwieldy. I believe that people with small hands should just use their two hands for anything. Everyone should.

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