Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6s – Speed Test

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Google Nexus 5X vs Apple iPhone 6s Speed and performance test, Finger print unlock, camaera launch, browser, apps, gaming speed tests as well as RAM management.

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41 Comments on Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6s – Speed Test

  1. Why the hell did they give the 5X a 1080p screen if it affects performance (and inevitably, battery life)? 1280×768 is the practically the perfect resolution for any phone IMO, really no need to go higher.

  2. 5x is half the price of 6s , nearly the same speed , higher resolution , better camera and runs android where you can put a custom rom and hacking games is easy…

  3. I think the iPhone loads games faster because its NAND read speed is much faster than any Android phone. This is something which I really hope the Android OEMs will improve on in 2016.

  4. Its propably pointing out to viewers what a MASSIVE price difference there is btween thedse devices. You are comparing propably the most expensive mobile to a budget mobile.

  5. when it comes down to an almost unnoticable difference is speed, who really cares? lol.
    the difference in loading times is within milliseconds on everything between these

  6. all we see here is that the iphone has a better gpu on a lower resolution screen.
    considering prices the nexus wins.
    considering rendering speed the iphone always won for that same low res reason

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