Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test (Real Usage Conditions)

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In this video we pit the Nexus 5X against the iPhone 6S to see which performs better under day to day usage scenarios… opening apps, games, launching the camera, managing memory and so on…

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21 Comments on Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test (Real Usage Conditions)

  1. I know he probably won't see this comment but he should have cleared the app cache before testing. 5X is actually faster on all fronts when you clear the chache from iPhone.

  2. This is the reason i dont like Ash's videos! Why are you comparing a nexus 5X with a iphone 6S?? You should be comparing it with the Nexus 6P dude as its the top end flagship phone of google

  3. the funny thing is that when open the camera app, even if the nexus has a shortcut, iphone was almost in par with it. i mean just imagine, pressing the home button and unlocking the phone and pressing the camera app. wow

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