Nexus 10 Tips and Tricks – 10 Again

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Josh goes a bit in-depth to bring you his favorite tips and tricks for the Nexus 10.

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37 Comments on Nexus 10 Tips and Tricks – 10 Again

    Break the Screen and you CANNOT and WILL NOT find a replacement.
    They don’t make them anymore.
    Go ahead and google Nexus 10 Screen Replacement and learn for yourself.
    Break the Screen and just throw it away.
    Still want to buy one? Go ahead.

  2. Hey bro… Do you know what reason make nexus 10 won't able to charge or crazy slow charge like 10 hours just up to 20%. This problem just happen 3 days ago, when i still use the same wallcharger like before..

  3. Great video! thanks. I'm getting one for my birthday (im not supposed to know) so im learning more now. I don't have kindle but use the heck out of my Nook, can I download from Barnes and Noble to my Nexus as I have to my Nook..

  4. Looks like a tablet for the pompous filthy rich… who will be the first to die in the next revolution.   You don't want to be be caught with a Nexus 10 then…

  5. I Use my N10 as my main computing device; it's really all I need, along with my Nexus 5 hone. On my first visit to America ( I live in UK) I bought an iPad Mini because it's very much cheaper there and I wanted to check it out. Although I like its lightness and form factor it's just not as good as my Nexus devices.

  6. Got the Nexus 10 32GB a few days ago (March 2014), and I can honestly say I LOVE this tablet!!  I've been a long time user of the iPad 2, iPad mini (1st gen), and iPod Touch (5th Gen), and I wanted a change from iOS.  I'm running the latest version Android OS, the 4.4.2 KitKat, which you can automatically upgrade to when you first use the tablet.  So far, I have not had to root it since I haven't really researched too much about "rooting". 

    Anyway, I'm always discovering something new to do on my Nexus 10.  There are so many apps/widgets that deliver more content and customization. Yesterday, I was able to play nostalgic NES games on it… I've been playing Contra and Punch-Out on it.  I'll be testing out other old school console emulators (Sega Genesis, SNES, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1, etc.).  I don't remember the whole list of consoles, but the possibilities are endless!!  Today, I discovered Nova Launcher, which basically replaces the default launcher and lets you customize your desktop, dock, app folders, lock screen interface the way you like.  

    I'm just waiting on receiving my Poetic tablet cover, micro USB to USB OTG adapter (1 = to hook up a flash drive for added storage, 2 = to use my Logitech PS3 controller to play games and interact with the tablet), micro HDMI to HDMI adapter (to display onto my 47" HDTV), Mushkin Atom 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive (extra storage for photos, music, videos), and Pogo magnetic charging cable (faster charging) for even more connectivity and FUN!! 

    With its 1.7 GHz dual-core Cortex-A15 CPU, Mali T604 GPU, 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM and 32GB flash memory, the Nexus 10 is a fast, responsive tablet with a rich, beautiful display (10.055-inch PLS-backlit LCD capacitive touchscreen display with a 2,560×1,600 resolution = 299 ppi).  It doesn't even slow down on graphic intensive games (i.e., Dead Trigger) and video apps.  I highly recommend this tablet, despite it being "old". I'm surprisingly impressed with the Nexus 10's great performance and value.  Go get it if you're interested!

  7. Hello Josh, the Nexus 10 is an awesome tablet. Here in South Africa there is a huge delay when it comes to getting new technology. However you have mentioned before that the Nexus 10 was released in 2012 and that there is a new tablet to be expected in its replacement. I cannot find the Nexus 10 anywhere in South Africa so far, but if I do would you recommend to buy it or to wait for the new model that is rumored to be coming out soon. Thank you. Great video 

  8. Hi, im from México. The Nexus 10 its not in market yet but i want it. you know if will happen and when ?
    I have a question, its posible open 2 or more aplications at the same time? For example, if i doing a work in office, but i want to read a pdf too, i can do it with a special program?
    Thanks, your video is really great!

  9. As far as I'm concerned this thing is a $500 piece of garbage.  I can't get a consistant wifi connection.  I get and endless authentication loop.  $500 and I can't even get it online.  Every other device on my network was a simple click enter my net key and it's online…always.  Not this thing.  Everthing I've found online I've tried and nothing solves this problem.  Totally regret buying this thing.

  10. I've seen people use PS3 controllers for the last 2 years on Android tablets wirelessly the wire makes it awkward. Even my cheap Coby March 2012 4.0.3 tablet had the OTG in the box and Micro HDMI port built on it too.

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