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The Nextbit Robin is a phone that, quite literally, has its head up in the clouds. Watch our full review by Joshua Vergara and read the written review by Nirave Gondhia!

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46 Comments on Nextbit Robin Review

  1. Nextbit should make a new phone that can go in every internet network, instead of just working on at&t and t-mobile they should also make a phone with longer battery life.


  3. Sold my iPhone 7 to buy a Nintendo Switch(cus iPhones suck anyways), and did not have much left for a phone(using a spare win 10 phone, but that OS is DONE). On Amazon this is $165 right now. Ordered it with a case, tempered glass, and same day delivery for $185. Has Lineage OS support too. Yea I am excited. Should hold me over for the budget phones to come that will have the SD-835.

  4. I'm a Cambodian my new phone (Nexbit Robin)can't save all phone numbers when i'll be save it have:( you have disable a required permission) please explain to me what can i do?

  5. I bought one of these through the crowdfunding campaign. It's decent but so flawed in so many ways once you start to use it. Now it just drives me crazy and I can't wait to get something else…a damned flip phone would be better than this garbage.

  6. I like rectangular phones. I like them flat too on both sides. That way they don't wobble on a table. I have always liked Sony's Xperia Z series. They have the highest resolution cameras I have ever seen in an Android device. Sony has also been using their triluminous displays for years and with 5 inch 1080p displays at least as far back as the Xperia Z which is a little bit similar to this phone. I also like Sony for not having used AMOLED displays because they are known to have burn in issues. In my opinion, a high end or flagship phone should not suffer from that no matter how good the black and white contrast is. I see that as a major defect deliberately built-in. Samsung does make nice devices but I would rather get one without an AMOLED display. The iPhones had IPS displays too and that didn't stop them from becoming popular even though todays phones have displays much better than that of the older iPhones. Besides that, Sony made the camera in the iPhone 4S. It is easy to see why they were a very widely used phone for their cameras (with help from Sony).

  7. Wait… The Note 4 had the same IMX sensor as the S6 / Edge / Plus and the Note 5; so the Isocell sensor of the Note 4 is about the same quality as the IMX240, which is a great sensor, better than the one in the Moto Z or the G5

  8. I'm watching this on a Robin, and I must say it is a fabulous phone. I'm not exactly sure about the battery life however. I just got it about half an hour ago and have been installing a lot of apps. Over the course of 10 minutes I efficiently drained 47% of my battery XD

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