Next New HTC One M10 (2016) and Sense 8 – What I Want to See!

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This is my opinion on what I want to see in the Next New HTC One M10 (2016)!

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40 Comments on Next New HTC One M10 (2016) and Sense 8 – What I Want to See!

  1. I thought is was time to get a new phone, I walked in with my HTC One Max, and I walked right back out because there was nothing as large as my 5.9in screen which I really love and I won't give it up. The M10 descriped here sounds great, but I just can see buying a phone with a smaller screen.

  2. htc one max finger options … the finger scanner can also be at the side like Sony / 5.5 4k display /lg buttons options (on bottom of display) / 2 stereo speakers /Infra red port/ running Marshmallow / with 4000mah / turbocharger / OIS / better camera maybe a 13 ultrapixel with a combination of Lg manual option , Sony video stability and Nexus 6P image processing /8 ultrapixel front facing camera/ corning Gorilla glass 4/ IPX 68/ 4 gb ram / 32 or 64gb internal storage / 200 gb micro sd card / Helio x20 , snapdragon 820 or exynos 8890 / and you got one of the best phones there could be .

  3. i would like to see everything except for waterproof i don't really care so much for it so that i wouldn't buy the phone but with these specs in the m10 i would definitely give up my m9. plus a dam good camera…better than the s6 which is best right now and also finger print scanner. and please remove ZOE!!!

  4. Im excited for the m10 i just REALLY REALLY hope they can figure out their camera problems. My m8 is perfect for now but if the m10 gets the right camera then im most likely going to immediately upgrade. Also, the m8 and m9 are just about damn waterproof just not rated. Watch any video here on youtube there are many of the phone staying in water for extremely long amounts of time and being perfectly fine. Otherwise i believe htc has done everything perfect except for their cameras. (I actually like the htc bar it makes the front of the phone more unique and appealing to me)

  5. I really like my M7, however "battery-life" is truly the HTC Achilles's Heel. Have been considering the HTC A9 might be my next device, BUT, the M-10 with the features you've outlined, AND improved battery-life (like an honest full-day of use) and inductive charging with over-charge protection would sell me.

  6. I think the screen size is perfect, bring on a M10 Max for those looking for a larger screen. Your right on keeping it 1080p though, there's really no need for more. However, I would like to see the screen upgraded to an amoled display, so you have a better experience when using the device in low light areas.

  7. Customize, Go to Carrier, Get it on contract with the customize features like colour, GPeor sense and/or fingerprint scanner
    Wireless Charging
    Squared off corners and sides

  8. I would rather see a quad core clocked in at 3-4ghz for better single core and amazing multi core use. Most apps come out on the app store aka iphones app store, they are usually optimized for apples a8 soon a9 chip which are duel to tri cores. Apples new A9 chip in the 6s can match that of the 8 core processor on the samsung s6 in multicore and has better single core performance with even lower clocked speeds to keep the phone cooler then it's competitors but clocked higher by a little then apples A8 chip. A quad core is need in the m10 or htc O2, a 64bit one of course or 128bit.

  9. will be nice if htc m10 has a sound premium software like beats but this time with bose or bangolufsen with no sacrifice with other features then the m10 has a chance to be phone of the year

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