News: Epic’s iOS Game This Month + Apple’s New Phones

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Epic Games and Chair Entertainment are set to release Infinity Blade III, the final game in their iOS trilogy, later this month. Plus, Apple announces the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

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  1. The previous iOS to this new one was leagues beyond Android in terms of ease of use, but hopefully they'll pilfer a few ideas (widgets and hidden apps) for the new one. But the hardware and the pricing are just ridiculously bland. And I'm not used to this new look so I don't like it. Maybe if I switch back to Apple, I'll get used to it.

  2. lol wtf i had top comment and IDK what i put but rooster teeth removed it lol. can u guys thumbs up this one so they can see it and they know what ever it was i am sorry

  3. This isnt just with Iphones, this is with computers aswell. Macbooks? Pleasee. I had a friend who spent 2000$ on one. I could build a better PC for half the price. Its ridiculous. They are decent products, but take that apple logo off and people would never spend that much money on a macbook or a phone or anything.

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  5. Man the iphone stinks they took ifunny out of the app store. The galaxy 4 is the phone to go with its got a better camera it already does slo-mo it runs games and emulators like a boss the screen is bigger and better looking and IT HAS IFUNNY IN THE FUCKING GOOGLE STORE. Plus a fingerprint scanner is completly useless if your thumb is too big for the button

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