News: BioWare on Next-Gen Mass Effect + Xbox Live for iOS/Android + Twitch Beats Pokemon

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Twitch has successfully completed Pokemon Red and moved on to Pokemon Crystal. Nintendo has officially revealed the limited edition 3DS XL for Yoshi’s New Island. Titanfall has leaked a few extra features. Microsoft wants to expand Xbox Live to iOS and Android games. BioWare is considering a next-gen remaster of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

RT News – March 3, 2014 – Hosted By Ashley Jenkins

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Twitch Plays Pokemon:

Yoshi’s New Island 3DS XL:

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Xbox Live for iOS/Android:

Next-Gen Mass Effect…

25 Comments on News: BioWare on Next-Gen Mass Effect + Xbox Live for iOS/Android + Twitch Beats Pokemon

  1. How about including a new ending free of casey hudson I'm not saying get rid of the other endings because there are people that like the bitter sweet kind of ending but the point of this game was to build our own story make our own hero I'd just like it if we got what we were originally promised no A,B,C ending and a D ending which was basically a huge middle finger to fans that wanted this fixed most of the people that claimed to like the ending only just started playing mass effect at 3 let's have something for the fans that have been with mass effect since the beginning I mean the guys that loved the games so much they played the first two over and over again in anticipation for number 3 the guys that actually bought all the dlc instead of just getting the whole trilogy with the dlc at a reduced price I mean the hardcore fans that loved this series and felt truly disappointed with the way it ended is it really to much to ask for that

  2. i am a die hard mass effect fan and I would love to see the mass effect games come to Xbox one because i now have a Kinect to use on the voice commands, and not only that but the enhanced graphics will be amazing

  3. I would like more games i have both xbox one and xbox 360 but i would rather see in the future like a mass effect 5 but it actually wont be called that i just hope we get new characters too 

  4. re mastered trilogy I mean come on that would be awesome + maybe they will add some content and do some fixing on some aspects of the games like ME1's almost every thing and add a freeking roll to it

  5. yesi would play the Mass effect trilogy on next gen but only when ME4 would be close to release so i could has effect 1,2,3, and then the new 4 and yes i know 4 will have nothing to do with the last 3

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