Newly launched Apple’s Swift Playgrounds has the best way to teach everyone to code

Newly launched Apple’s Swift Playgrounds has the best way to teach everyone to code

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language from Apple, it has been around since 2014. Recently on Monday at Apple’s biggest conference of the year known as the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote, Apple has introduced its nearly two years old programming language Swift as “Swift Playgrounds” an iPhone and iPad application for both children and adults to figure out how to code with Swift.

Apple claims that Swift Playgrounds has the best way to learn how to code even for school students, according to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook who said that “We believe it’s the absolute best way to teach everyone to code,” and also added that “We believe code should be a required language in all schools.”


Furthermore, at the WWDC keynote on a dramatic demo, Apple also exhibited a couple of Swift Playgrounds lessons, including building a straightforward emoji-stacking game where 360 student developers were present on an Apple-issued scholarship. The application prompts the client to confirm things like weight and gravity, demonstrating to them how changes to the code influence the way the game is manufacture and played.

More importantly, Swift Playgrounds incorporates a custom iPhone control panel with usually utilized images and capacities as a part of Swift, to disentangle the learning technique.

However, Swift Playgrounds is accessible as a sneak peak to engineers today. It will be in broad daylight beta in July, and release on the iPhone and iPad App Store by iOS 10, which comes out in the fall of 2016.


Swift is as of now a raving success Over 100,000 applications that have begun utilizing Swift to work in one form or another on some of their code, including Twitter, Uber, and Lyft and so on.


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