New Update Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow – Review

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G900H :
G900FD :
G900T :
G900F :
G901F :
G900M :
G900P :
G900K :
G900I :
G900L :
G903F :
G903M :
G900V :

Install Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy S5(G900F,G901F,G900L,G900K,G900M,G900P,G900I) :

New Features Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
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The new Touchwiz provides enhanced usability and an updated visual design.
Quick connect helps you easily find and connect to nearby devices by showing currently connected devices and previous…

39 Comments on New Update Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow – Review

  1. for my galaxy s5 g900f 6.0.1 (g900fxxu1cpc9) power saving mode on (restrict all background data is off) 23h 20 min on time screen on time 7h and 40m whatsapp, viber, facebook, fb.messenger, instagram (two years old phone) LOL

  2. My back and menu buttons used to vibrate with power saving mode on.. as of today after updating to marshmallow they no longer work. How do I make them vibrate while still having power saving mode on?? I have tried everything and nothing seems to be working…..please help me plzzzz

  3. Where is the instructions on getting the update itself? I have no "Software Update" tab in the "About Phone" section – and YES, it's a genuine S5.

  4. this is NOT a review. you sit there watching the dload and install ant then you get to watch fingerswiping thru the screens. i am going to go watch japanese girls kissing videos instead

  5. Im with Tmobile and own a S5 still waiting for the marshmallow update…………. I look online on tmobile website and still on Tmobile testing stage………. Is been like that for long time tired of waiting maybe they are not even going to release it…………. Anybody have an idea pls share some info…………..

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