NEW Samsung Galaxy S7 – FINAL Rumors & Leaks

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Official Leaks & Rumours Roundup and What to Expect! Specs, Release date, S7 Edge version, Camera, Battery, USB-C and Price ►►► dbrand skins:

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28 Comments on NEW Samsung Galaxy S7 – FINAL Rumors & Leaks

  1. umm i been looking for this so called s7 eage plus and i was told no such thing they have s7 s7 eage and note 5 please understand samsung has not made a s7 eage plus. now the note 5 is the 5.7 so i think this is what he means thier is no s7 eage plus as of yet

  2. So Every year, even if/when you upgrade, it's always gonna be a new phone , which in some or most cases we'll basically spend more money and make them more richer right? Btw I do love my Gs6. Might just need the s7+

  3. I didn't buy GS6 because no photo face tag and I won't buy GS7 either
    if no photo face tag. give me face tag I will pay $1500 for it if not, I
    will stick with my GS5

  4. I use to only buy Samsung galaxy phones but when they started to look like the I phones I stopped buying there products then I started with the lg3 and now I have a lg v10 I really love lg products the only thing I would want lg to improve is on there speakers I would love for lg to use harmen kardon speakers not one but two speakers that will make it the perfect phone lg is just warming up there phones and products are very good. thank you lg

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