New phone! Samsung Galaxy S7 – Grimsmo Grind 027

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Thursday July 16, 2016. Grimsmo Grind 027. Got a new phone and a new book yesterday, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the book How To Make Money by Felix Dennis. Really enjoying both!

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  1. John, video is fine, and sound is actually better…the clip-on mic doesn't control levels well, so you often overdrive it and get slight distortion. This phone is doing level control better and there's no obvious distortion.

    I've always read for fun, but the last few years it hasn't been fiction much, mostly educational books…mostly machining, welding, and fabrication. A bit of programming too. I've learned huge amounts, but even more from YouTube videos!

    Have a good vacation!

    — Mike

  2. I don't have the confidence… Working on it though. Its not that I am afraid of failing or anything. It is like an introverted personality issue. Dealing with people and expectations just seem to stress me out or something. The ironic thing is that I rely on people for information and growth… Weird issue to have. haha. Thanks for the video!

  3. After a looooong time negotiating with myself about buying a "Grimsmo" knife (and being happy about the perfection of it each and every minute I'm going to carry it) OR not to order one and by that furthermore being able to pretend being mentally sane (why would you ever NEED such a knife?! :P), I eventually won that fight and ordered "my" Rask today 🙂 … just to learn an hour later that you go on vacation 😀
    2 weeks of vacation can be very short but depending on your perspective, they can also be VERY long 🙂

    I wish you the best of a family vacation one could ever have!
    Enjoy…and come back energized and refreshened 🙂
    Someone who truly understands the strive for perfection. Thanks for your Grind 007!

  4. John, when you started your business, did you look at all the "boring dry stuff" or did you just start, and go from there. I'm pretty tired of my teachers telling me that to start a successful business you have to look at this endless amount of terms and models. So have you made things like a business plan and looked at the marked, target audience, environmental considerations and stuff like that, or did you just start with little to no planning?

  5. Looks awesome.. I just went from an iPhone 4s to a galaxy s7, and I love it. Curious to know if the slo-mo stutters like mine does. Seems to be a common problem. You should do some slo-mo machining vids!

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