New OLED Touch bar coming to MacBook Pros this year? (Apple Byte)

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Reports say new ultra-thin 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros are on their way in 2016. The latest iPhone 7 rumors keep rolling, and Tim Cook sees the iPhone in a 1670 picture.

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36 Comments on New OLED Touch bar coming to MacBook Pros this year? (Apple Byte)

  1. 16GB or base spec iPhones are popular with corporate buyers. Our company buys thousands of them as corporate apps don't require huge amounts of storage.

  2. does anyone also think all current iPhone 7 mock/case looks boring as hell? btw the other day it stroke me that the 16GB iPhone is actually for commercial users – company phones which are not meant for downloading games or shooting lots of photos

  3. I never saw why people opted for the air over the pro, sure you save money, but the pro is at least on par with windows laptops in terms of power. I have a gaming PC, but i can at least play Counter Strike at 80 FPS on my Macbook Pro. For $300 more you can get a 13 inch pro instead of a 13 inch air, and the 13 inch pro has a better screen, more ports, more GPU and CPU power, more ram, and a faster SSD. I also owned a 13 inch MacBook that i returned because it was way underpowered and practically unusable for anything beyond chromebook usage

  4. Apple will make a 16 gig iPhone 7 to force you to spend more on the bigger storage option because it's all about profits and couldn't care less about users. NB there's no 32gb, which should have been the base model

  5. I think your great Brian,love the info you provide us tech ppl with.I really feel like you look like an extra from a Piddy video with that huge cross on and that huge ugly streak in your hair.TIME FOR A NEW LOOK

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