NEW Jailbreak 8.4 Untethered TaiG iOS 8.4 iPhone 6 Plus,6 5s,5c,4S,iPod 5 & iPad Air 2, Mini 3,4

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iOS 8.4 TaiG Jailbreak Untethered Tutorial for iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 3, Air 2 and more. Plus Download TaiG iOS 8.4 Jailbreak instructional and troubleshooting steps:

Additional Jailbreak and iOS 8.4 updates, including details on TaiG iOS 8 for iPhone 6 Plus, 5C, iPhone 5, 4S, iPad Air 2, Mini 3, 4 owners available on Evasi0n Jailbreak:

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49 Comments on NEW Jailbreak 8.4 Untethered TaiG iOS 8.4 iPhone 6 Plus,6 5s,5c,4S,iPod 5 & iPad Air 2, Mini 3,4

  1. +iCrackUriDevice please help! I'm using the latest version TaiG iOS 8.4 Jailbreak 2.4.5. I followed every step, and when I open up TaiG, I uncheck the 3k Assistant, and press START. It says "Jailbreaking" But it doesn't progress from 0% at all, with the status saying "Downloading 3k Assistant" —even though I uncheck before starting. Nothing happens at all to my phone. Please help guys!!!

  2. This video is wack. It just says download the latest version and when I click the link it makes me download a Chinese version that I can't even understand. It just has a red X and some Chinese writing and I'll assume that's not good. Where can I download the latest version so I can proceed and jailbreak my device. Thanks.

  3. Im watching this just to find out the steps needed when the next jailbreak comes out (9.2.1, 9.3). What do I do if I don't have a windows computer. I know you mentioned about having something on your Mac to run a Windows display. But I really need a video to help me since I only have a MacBook. Please help

  4. Hello , i have a quick question , M TaiG loads until 60% and the after it says injection right after it restarting the phone and goes on and on like that… any suggestions?

  5. hey guys, i have a problem, i have an iphone 4s on ios 8.4 not jailbroken. But i updated over the air, so i cant jailbreak it, but i cant restore from itunes anymore, because it will then make my phone update to ios 9.2.1, and i need ios 8.4, so what should i do? thanks for answers

  6. When I downloaded taiG, it said "Apple Driver hasn't been found. Please download and install iTunes." But I already have iTunes. What do I do? (Im on ios 8.4.1 if that matters)

  7. Can someone help me my iphone 6 plus factory new keeps getting stuck at 80% and says start to execute jailbreak then it fails and says my device is not activated error 1107 someone please help me

  8. DO NOT RESTORE YOU WILL LOSE 8.4 AND NOT BE ABLE TO DOWNGRADE. The restore is optional just to be safe. But now that 8.4 has not been signed for a WHILE, you SHOULD NOT RESTORE. You should be fine without restoring.

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  10. Help: When I open TaiG it said to download the latest version. When I clicked download the webpage doesn't load. Where can I find the latest update for TaiG? I am still running on 8.4 too. +iCrackUriDevice any solutions you can give me. Thanks.

  11. guys please answer I know that it is not a jailbreak related but if I made in app purchase on an apple device then I bought another apple device and inserted the same apple id would the in app purchase show up for me in the other device please answer

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