New iPod Nano (7th Generation) Tips and Tricks!

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New iPod Nano (7th Generation) Tips and Tricks!

During my review process I stumbled upon some neat iPod Nano tips that I found useful including syncing movies on the new 7th gen Nano and a couple tricks from my buddy Mike aka DetroitBorg that I’ve compiled into one Nano like package for your viewing pleasure!

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Mike’s Nano Unboxing & Review!

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41 Comments on New iPod Nano (7th Generation) Tips and Tricks!

  1. i just dont understand the last thing, well those small headphones do not stay in my ears so i have big ones and they also have microphones but when i connect them it just doesnt work

  2. if i have my headphones plugged into it AND i am charging it at the same time (so i dont misplace the headphones) why wont it turn off??? i press and hold the on/off button for several seconds nothing happens. if i dont have the headphones plugged in and it's charging it will actually do what i want it to do which is stay turned off. hopefully i did not confuse you..

  3. Wait! So there is no built in microphone?! Should have got the 5th Gen again since its best. I'm mainly using the nano for FM-Radio but the audio quality is not better than before, could actually be slightly worse reception. How do you skip songs without using the screen? I have managed to skip forward once or twice by double-pressing "plus" but it seems to work very bad. And glowing volume bar – seriously!?

  4. i would like to know how to unmute my iPod Nano 7th generation. When i try to listen to the radio, it doesnt have the radio pop up with the dial and all. all it says is that i dont have any headphones plugged in, when i DO have headphones plugged in. please help me on this. thanks!

  5. I just bought mine today (gold) and I haven't bought a new one or updated my iTunes in like, 7 – 8 yrs and I dreaded downloading all my collection and entering all that info again just to get my stuff on a new ipod. I was amazed at how all the info, CDs and pc library sync within minutes and I had to do little! Plus, my car has bluetooth so that's great, too!

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