NEW iPhone 7 Rumors and Testing Facility! iPad Air 3 Release?

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Apple iPhone 7 Rumors and Secret Testing Facility! iPad Air 3 Rumors and Release Date, No 3D Touch and iPhone 6C?

Updated on 1/30/16: New iPhone 7 Rumors – Is This It?!

Watch ‘5 iPhone 7 Prototypes’ first – HERE:

Other iPhone 7 Rumors:

Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are rumored to arrive in the fall of 2016, maintaining the 4.7″ and 5.5″ display sizes but adopting an all-new design. The iPad Air is said to be refreshed this spring with the iPad Air 3, accompanied by an iPhone 6C model.

Stay tuned for all rumors and updates concerning the iPhone 7 and future iPhone models!

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41 Comments on NEW iPhone 7 Rumors and Testing Facility! iPad Air 3 Release?

  1. Things that can be added/improved to the current iPad Mini:
    1. Make the top and bottom bezels smaller or keep them and put one speaker in each bezel for stereo sound.
    2. Add an LED flash to the back
    3. A9 chip
    4. Make the front camera 5MP
    5. 3D touch

  2. I've had it rough bubba, haven't been able to give my wife a Christmas present but only my infant daughter one present, that tv could be it!! I love your videos you are the only jail breaker who can help me get my devices cracked correctly and I really appreciate that buddy, that tv would be amazing man I've watched all of your videos and hope that I'm the lucky one thankyou so much for helping me man you're awesome!!!! Hopefully 9.2 jailbreak comes soon thanks again sir

  3. Imagine the iPad Pro 2 is the it iPhone 6s Plus, the iPad Air 3 is the iPhone 6s and the iPad Mini is the iPhone 6c…. Well, they added 3D too ch to the iPhone 6s so why couldn't they add it to the iPad Air 3? Just a thought, and to possible but also what would they improve on the Air 3 besides the A10x chip (possibly the A9x chip)? Maybe add the 12 megapixel iSight camera and 5 megapixel selfie camera with flash! iPads needs to have a flash because even the iPod Touch 5 and 6 both have a flash on them so iPads should have one on them as well ancestors they are more up-tech and pricy. Well, just wanted to see if that was possible and I'm talking to iCrackUriDevice and not anyone else; so please, one Tanner reply to this response and not anyone else (I know someone else will since that's how people are) I hope you have a great day/night (depending when you read this) and have a very Merry Christmas (if you don't read this till after Christmas). Thank you and keep up your great work!?

  4. I love apple but the s6 Edge simply has the edge over the 6s Plus bigger screen more features wireless charging and a beautiful look is much more stylish then the iPhone as well we need to take a look at both phones properly if your buying one Apple is simply more famous but s6 Edge deserves much much more it's the most durable,stylish phone of 2015 and has much more features! Apple fans incoming ?

  5. Do not trust the otterbox with a crack. Today at school drop my phone with the crack in it and it just shattered completely so don't buy an otterbox if you have a crack

  6. I kinda feel like the gun is being jumped with these iPhone 8 rumors. They make a lot of sense, but why is it that the assumption is that the possible physical screen update is gonna be on the model after next? I'm sure that even if the 7/7+ is slated for September that that's a feasible enough time to build and test new screens in time for those new models. Even more so if they aren't gonna update the sensors that are used for 3D Touch and the mechanism for the 6/6+ specific haptic feedback engine. Thoughts?

  7. Thinner, lighter, brighter and more sensitive displays! Lol, jokes aside I never really depend on these "predictions" or rumors.. It is what it is ya know..

  8. I check every morning and probably every hour of the day to see any news on the new jailbreak. I just can't wait to jailbreak my phone! I twitching just to get the cool tweak that allows you to use 3D Touch

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