New iPhone 7 Rumors and iOS 9 Rumors By iPhonera

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New iPhone 7 Rumors and iOS 9 Rumors By iPhonera
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Rumors about iPhone 7. This video show how the next generation gadget look like , its based on rumors that we hear about apple next generation device.
When will the new iPhone 7 launch, and what new features can we expect in the next iPhone? We round up all the iPhone 7 release date rumours, clues to design changes, and images of what the iPhone 7 will look like when it comes out. Here’s everything we know (or can guess) about Apple’s iPhone 7, including sad confirmation that the next iPhone won’t get a storage boost, and the happier news that iOS 9’s clever new features mean it won’t need it. iPhone 7, iPhone 7s & iPhone 7 Plus .
the new iphne 7 all the roumeurs date of release ! ! !
Este Vídeo mostra um Protótico não afirma nenhum lançamento nem que esse sera o próximo modelo do iphone 7,
É somente um Rumor mesmo que ta sendo…

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