NEW iPhone 7 Prototypes: USB-C, Sapphire, No Home Button & Rumors

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iPhone 7 five Prototypes in Testing! Multi 3D Touch, NO Home Button, Wireless Charging, 2 Cameras, USB-C and Sapphire Crystal Display Cover?

Updated on 01/30/16: New iPhone 7 Rumors – Is This It?!

The latest iPhone 7 Rumors:

Watch ‘Secret iPhone 7 Testing Facility?’ first – HERE:

The Apple iPhone 7 is slated to be released next fall, 2016. Beyond allegedly Removing the Home Button and 3.5mm headphone jack, the iPhone 7 is speculated to feature Wireless Charging, a Sapphire Crystal display and more – it may be released after a smaller iPhone 6C next Winter.

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41 Comments on NEW iPhone 7 Prototypes: USB-C, Sapphire, No Home Button & Rumors

  1. why are people saying that if Apple removes the home button and the headphone jack they’re going to switch to android? honestly, you’re not forced to buy the iPhone 7 if that actually happens. just keep the version you have now or get the 6/6s. it's really unnecessary to say you’re switching to android when you don't have to buy the phone.

  2. I'm defiantly in favour of 3.5 mm jack being dumped on the iPhone 7 but I'd also like to see the device being water and dust proof and in terms of the 3.5mm jack there's no point in having it since most of us have Bluetooth headphones

  3. I don't really like the idea of a removal of the home button because i like the tactile feedback of pushing the button. I would, however, appreciate a little less force required to push the button in order for it to recognize a "push".

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  5. I would be down with the idea of ditching the headphone jack if Apple bundled a new Bluetooth version of their ear buds headset. If not then they need to keep the headphone jack. I really don't think the iPhone needs to be any thinner than the crazy thin iPhone 6 already is.

  6. I am perfectly on board for no headphone jack and no button no jack can create a door for more wireless ear phones and apple might make Bluetooth Apple pods stop hating on the thinness guys were going to the future and apple just the first one to get there if u want to stay in the past and present get the galaxy but they will copy aple too btw ur awesome and thx for the video man plz make a second video on the 7

  7. my first smartphone had a soft touch home button and it worked most of the time even when my phone was frozen. and it's almost official that the new iPhone is not going to have a headphone jack. which Android phone users are very happy about because this means that headphone companies are going to be forced to released bluetooth headphones for cheaper. I may not be a fan of Apple but I respect how they can completely change to the market they were the first ones to introduce smart phones they were the first ones to introduce tablets.

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