NEW iPhone 5SE (iPhone 6C) Rumors & Leaks – Before iPhone 7?!

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Apple iPhone 5SE | 6C – Specs, Design, Camera, Release Date 2016 & Overview

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— — iPhone 5se Table of Contents — —

0:08 – iPhone 5se
0:43 – Rumored 5SE Specifications
1:24 – Live Photos But NO 3D Touch
1:40 – Design: iPhone 6C & NOT 5se?
2:10 – iPhone 5SE Colors
2:21 – Leaked iPhone 5SE Image?
3:51 – iPhone 5se Leak: Conclusion
4:10 – Release Date 6c or 5se


Jose Flores, Jake Lowe, Chad MacLeod, Kevin Hernandez, Noor Sa, Daniel Sheppard, Amman, Jose Reyes, Brendan Hanson, Noah, Tyler Sanderson

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45 Comments on NEW iPhone 5SE (iPhone 6C) Rumors & Leaks – Before iPhone 7?!

  1. Iphone 6C will look hella crappy (if it does exist)… Size and design are way to modern for it to pull thoose kiddy colors off… The iphone 5C already looks like a childrens toy but the sign and design make it a little bit more bareable…. Thats if they make the 6C the same wag they made the 5C with thoose baby colors XD

  2. I want that phone. I had the iPhone 5s but I'm searching for a new iPhone now I'm debating to get the 5s again or the 6 or 6s. I'm suppose to be getting it in may so I have to choose.

  3. what you said round 4:40 goes against everything apple has ever done. If you want the best features you are going to have to pay the premium. If you are going to make videos about Apple products you should know what to expect by now. Stop Dreaming!!!
    P.S. I do like how you debunked the leaked photo though.

  4. I would most likely keep it in the 6 name possibly the 6C or the 6SE or something, I just don't think it is an iPhone 5 just by the screen size, but Apple does interesting things sometimes.

  5. i get what you're saying about that lamp reflection, but when the pad air was about to be released a picture of it next to an ipad 4 leaked with the same light/wood table. so maybe that was a photo from when the 5s was being released because wouldn't you use a 5s next to the 5se? idk good video though

  6. Are you kidding me? Most likely doctored my fuckin ass! Well ofcourse the mini iphone 6 reflection doesn't reash the complete edge well yea because have you not seen that the iphone 6 has a curved display. Yea the shadow on the wood is because hes right there taking a picture so his phone makes a shadow!

  7. hell no stay large 5se no goo i heard Galaxy s7 gone be real i love apple but the best is the best and am going with the best good luck to apple cause i want thm to be the best but history shows tha t apple love to restrict and hold out people are noticing now if g s7 is better then iph7 then galaxy hear i come

  8. Ok a lot of people are confused in why it's going to be called the 5SE over 6c, 6SE, 6(S?) Mini or anything else.

    First SE stands for Special Edition, so it's a special edition of the iPhone 5/5S.

    Second It's not a 6c because first the c presumably meant "Color" and this won't have colors like the 5c. Also the issue with a 6c is that it can confuse. Because it should look like the iPhone 6, including that 4.7inch screen. Calling it a 6c with a smaller screen than the 6 has makes it confusing for an average consumer.

    iPhone 6 Mini would just add so much confusing, because on all other device likes with a "Mini, there is an Air and a Pro above it. The iPhone 6/6s has the "Plus" not Pro either. So it's just something more to add confusion.

    I think 6SE would immediately make people believe it's the upgrade of the 6S and then people are wondering why there is no 6SE Plus. Also the specs for this device from what I've heard are suppose to be like half of what is on the 6s. 4.7 inch screen, 8mp camera, 1.2mp selfie camera. I've even heard it might have the A8 and M8 processors over the A9 and M9.

    So of everything the specs with that screen size make much more sense to just call it the 5SE to make people know it's an improved 4inch screen phone.

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