New iOS 8 Update Kills Off Emulation – IGN News

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The next update to the iOS operating system will disable the use of emulators.

40 Comments on New iOS 8 Update Kills Off Emulation – IGN News

  1. Well that sucks but can someone answer a question for me. My HTC One is done for so i orderd a cheap windows phone. I love plaing emulators on my HTC One so does anyone know if WP has any emulators and what the selection is like. Also amy recomendations would be nice.

  2. I barely have time to play on my ps4 so ain't worry about playing games on my iPhone 5s. If I wanna play a fucking game I'll pull out my gaming systems. Really who has time to play fucking games all the time. Oh yeah kids and adults who still live with their mom and have no job. I use my iphone for communication, notes, maps, Google, youtube, Instagram and other tools. I don't like gaming on my phone or any hand held electronic. That's why I have a ps4

  3. its hard to see that NO ONE understands that every OS is its pros and cons and that IOS has certain advantages while android also has those advantages anyways. and non is better than the other. why? you can do what ever you do on android on ios as well. yeah. one click jailbreak. DONE. its not hard. it has no damage. i just dont understand. why people have to defend either android or ios. just get the phone you like. android is not better than ios not is ios better than android. god. i have a jailbroken ios device. and i to be honest dont need an android device but it would help to have one. just stop fighting like little kids. so disappointing. 

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