NEW HTC One M10 News, Price and Release Date

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The Htc One M9 has only been out for a couple of months now, but recently there has been a few leaks and rumours about the upcoming htc device, The One M10. The M10 is rumoured to be a 6 inch phablet with a 4k resolution display, snapdragon 812 octocore 64 bit cpu, 4gb of ram and much more. Dont forget to leave a like and subscribe!

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14 Comments on NEW HTC One M10 News, Price and Release Date

  1. I currently have the HTC One E8 and it's basically like the the others before it camera and sound is great I just hate that even with an sd card it really doesn't hold much memory so you can't download a lot of apps without uninstalling something or a few things hope this is way better other than that this will probably be my next phone I love HTC!

  2. these specs don't sound right and judging by what they did with the m9 I doubt they will deliver, the m9 sounded amazing until the specs we're officially released and I am quite disappointed by what has happened the the One series I still have my M7 which I will be changing to a LG G4 on Tuesday, I can confidently say that I will not go back to HTC until they do some serious research on what consumers want and for the price they are paying

  3. My first Htc phone I had the M9 & I have to say, I really enjoyed it more than Samsung phones. My only problem with the M9 & I hope they fix it with the M10 was the Camera app; the photos were too dark, the phone itself was really dark. They say the M9 had fast charging; to me that was not fast charging, & also the phone was a Lil small… The M9 could of been perfect, but it looks like they got lazy.. I love the themes on the M9 hope it continues on the M10.. It really was a great phone. Can't wait for the M10 lets see how good that phone will be.

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