NEW HTC One M10 – FINAL Leaks & Rumors + Release Date!

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36 Comments on NEW HTC One M10 – FINAL Leaks & Rumors + Release Date!

  1. To me it doesn't matter if it will be as good as any other flagship. If they cut the BoomSound speakers, than I'll just get the Alcatel idol 4S. It will come with amoled display and powerful JBL front speakers. Will be cheaper and have flagship performance.

  2. hey dude…. i think u speak words out from my mind…
    i have also been using the m8 since it was released… and was dissapointed with the m9 and i really like HTC for its premium quality and interface…
    damn waiting for the m10 if its really amazing…
    i would rather say…."HTC shut up and take my money"

  3. I had the HTC One M7 and I loved it, everything about it was great. I got the M9 thinking it was gonna be a better phone, it had fast software but a terrible camera. I'm the kind of person that likes to take photos for when I go on vacation or even meet someone for that exciting moment in life, the M9 camera just suffered very badly. And now with the M10 getting rid of Boomsound and front facing speakers, HTC will soon be going out of business.

  4. finger print reader, amazing camera, long battery life, marshmallow, boom sound, micro SD, removable battery, 4k(only if batter good enough), 32gb storage, big screen(5in), wireless chargeing

  5. If the m9 didn't kill HTC then dropping the BoomSound speakers will for sure. One thing that made them stand above everyone else and the drop it… What a marooon!

  6. is this kid serious I'm pretty sure samsung edge phone is the most innovative no other phone did anything having a metal frame isn't innovative a double sided edge screen is pretty innovative.

  7. All I do with my phone is call, text and watch Youtube…The stereo sound of Boomsound is the answer, it is a MUST!  Played a few games, and blown away with the sound from that also. M8 speakers are king, just copy the whole damn design, with a slightly bigger screen, and all the other new shit in it and you will have a winner. I currently have at&t, and my m8 is slowly dying,  locking up…just becoming a loser…I don't know what to get now, I was going to wait for the m10, but I don't know.

  8. the whole thing of what made the HTC one the HTC one was the duel front speakers and taking that away kinda ruins it, however the improved camera would be cool. I know a lot of people liked the m8 but honestly I think the best design was the m7 but the m7 camera sucked so if they made a phone with the same design as the m7 with the same camera that's supposed to be in the m10 you'd have the perfect phone in my opinion.

  9. I'm typing this with my m7, and I got that stupid camera problem. Great HTC sent me this phone as a warranty replacement. It was used and scratched. I thought you're supposed to get a new replacement, not a used phone with defects…

  10. Have used all the brands now last brand is xperia z3+ for me. And damn Sony is very boring. Htc was for me the best phone used m7, great phone. So Yes i will go back to htc any day. Just can't wait for m10.

  11. congratulations HTC you finally had it all together, great chip, great camera, then you go and mess with your awesome design. if you were going to do anything put these specs with the X9 design. but instead you create something that looks like a Galaxy phone. congratulations your phone officially looks boring and just like an IPhone or Galaxy, no originality. you've given me no choice. I'm buying the Sony X performance. it now has dual front stereo speakers.

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