NEW HTC One 10 – FINAL Leaks & Rumors

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HTC One M10 Official Leaks & Rumours Roundup & What to Expect! Specs, Release date, Camera, Battery & Price
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23 Comments on NEW HTC One 10 – FINAL Leaks & Rumors

  1. I was excited about the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7, but thus far, both have disappointed me greatly. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if HTC followed. There hasn't been one rumour regarding the M10 that makes me anxious.

  2. Personally i dont care if they remove the boomsound. if i want to listen music i do it on a better way like a bluetooth speaker or just earphones. i use the speaker of my phone for just simple things. I care more about bezels i never bought a htc since 2011 because now they have very huge and ugly bezels (i know because of the boomsound) it gives the phone a weird look. Dont get me wrong i always have used htc before my sony z3C

  3. Sorry, but as far as I know, HTC One A9 inherited the design of HTC One M7, which was launched in 2013, and the year Apple launching its product iPhone 6 was almost the end of 2014, I don't know whether HTC copied or not, but there is something that I am literally sure, according to your statement, the name of iPhone 6 should be called : HTC One 6?

  4. Idk why people are so excited about QuadHD. The screen is so small, it's nothing to exaggerate about. For me, 1080p is enough.

    If HTC improves on the internal sound quality of the headphone jack, then I don't mind the sacrifice of the boomspeakers. Although the boomspeakers were a trademark of the HTC One and it will be missed.

  5. i like your info Sir about HTC M10 and yes i will be disappointed to lose the Boomsound on M10 if, and awaiting if M10 comes with wireless chargeing , sir what about the sound will they be using Beats or Dolby is the one of the question i am worried about (should i?)

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