New! Google Keep Tutorial

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An introduction video to Google Keep. In this video you we see where to find & create a note, share a note, search and label notes and ocr, copy notes to Google Doc.

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7 Comments on New! Google Keep Tutorial

  1. I'm running Version 3.3.222. I checked because my Note looks very different from your's. Your's has easy little icons at the bottom of the Note which indicate a function. Mine, no.

  2. Your video was helpful. I'm just now learning how to use Google Keep and Everynote on my Note 4 ….. I'm mostly interested in finding apps that I can use to have a Bible Study with friends, sharing notes and comments back and forth …..

  3. Hi Nancy, I use a green screen and software called ScreenFlow. It records me and the screen cast at the same time and puts one on top of the other. I just apply a filter to remove green screen and resize the video of me and place it where ever I want on the screen.

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